Definitions for "Removal"
A legal procedure that sends the immigrants that are not allowed to remain in that country back to their own countries.
the process by which an individual is expelled from the UK.
the process of removing an alien from the United States arising out of inadmissible, deportable grounds or other acts incompatible with U.S. interests
the taking out or the stripping of substantially all ACBM from a damaged area, a functional space, or a homogeneous area in a school building.
a short-term cleanup intended to stabilize or clean up a site that
or emergency removal. An action taken by the EPA under the emergency removal provisions of CERCLA, that enables the agency to take preliminary steps to clean up a site or reduce its danger when there is an imminent and substantial threat to public health or the environment. A removal cannot exceed $2 million or one year for any one action at any one site.
a case removed from the active caseload and no longer under the supervision of the probation department, or a case not removed but escalated to a more advanced level of supervision.
The transfer of a lawsuit from a court of one jurisdiction to the court of a different jurisdiction.
transfer of jurisdiction from state to federal court, usually requiring a civil rights or civil liberties issue, liberty interest or imminent federal question for urgent adjudication.
Physical removal of asbestos-containing materials or other hazardous materials.
To take out regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) or facility components that contain or are covered with RACM from any facility. APC Rule 1200-3-11-.02 (1)
The process by which a person was returned to their parish of settlement from another parish where they had become a charge on the poor rates.
President Jackson viewed Indians as savages who were incapable of self-government. He pursued a policy of removing Indians from the path of westward settlement. By 1840 most eastern tribes had been relocated to lands west of the Mississippi River.
An operation opposite to installation that reverses the effect of an installation. Product files are deleted and the PDB is updated.
Cleaning a system of a virus. Either the installed antivirus program can remove the virus automatically from the system and other files or a manual removal has to be done.
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Pick up of the deceased at the place of death and transportation to the funeral home. If the pick up occurs outside the local service area, there will be an additional removal charge. Some funeral homes impose an extra fee if the removal is at night, on the weekend, or from a private home rather than from an institution which has staff available to assist.
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dismissal from office
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The process of removing a cup that has been deemed hit from the table. [ More Info] See Also: Cup Related Terms: Phantom Cup
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moving van
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Cards/effects that can remove a card from play (smoke, toast, or return to hand). Mostly used in reference to Characters (as in "Character removal").
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The act of removing, or the state of being removed.
the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
The act of pulling tape away from the surface to which it has been applied.
a procedure where all of the original system configuration are removed with or without replacement