Definitions for "Dismissal"
Dismission; discharge.
a decision by a judicial officer to terminate a case without a determination of guilt or innocence.
A court order terminating a case. May be voluntary (at the request of the parties) or involuntary.
The words said or sung by the deacon (or celebrant) at the conclusion of the Eucharist (see BCP, 339 or 366). The response to the dismissal is "Thanks be to God" (during the Fifty Days of Easter, "Thanks be to God, alleluia, alleluia.").
Words said or sung by a deacon or priest at the conclusion of the Eucharist. An example: "Let us go forth in the name of Christ." The answer from the people is: "Thanks be to God." During the 50 days of Easter, alleluias are added. See " alleluia."
A student on academic or progress probation for three semesters may be dismissed from the College. Once dismissed the student may not attend any college within the Los Angeles Community College District for a period of one year and must petition for readmittance at the end of that period of time.
Same as suspension. Can be academic or for disciplinary reasons.
A status caused by low academic or progress performance. The dismissed student may not continue at Shasta College without approval for readmission. See catalog section on Academic Regulations.
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The event of a batsman loosing wicket.
the event of a batsman getting out; synonym of wicket(2). The next dismissal occurred at 200 runs.
In the sport of cricket, a dismissal occurs when the batsman is out (also known as taking a wicket).
a judgment disposing of the matter without a trial
an order or judgment finally disposing of an action, suit, motion, etc
An order or judgment disposing of a claim.
Dismissal is a personnel action which completely severs the employment relationship between the employee and the school district. When an employee is dismissed there is no longer an employnment relationship with the school district. Under 24 PS 11-1133 of the School Code, the professional employee has the right to choose to file a grievance under the collective bargaining agreement, if the agreement so provides, or to request a hearing before the school board, under the provisions of the School Code, but not both.
when someone is removed from employment.
The action taken by the University to involuntarily separate an employee from University employment.
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To refuse to hear further.
A judge's refusal to grant an application.
The words at the very end of the liturgy which send the congregation out into the world.
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official notice that you have been fired from your job
an order to a team official to leave the vicinity of the playing area
The charge or charges against the defendant are dismissed. No Conviction.
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Ejection from a match as a result being shown a red card.
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permission to go; the sending away of someone