Definitions for "Traineeship"
A structured program, usually for a nominal duration of twelve months or more, which is available either on a part-time or full-time basis, and generally in non-trade related areas. A traineeship is a valuable first step to a rewarding career – but trainees are not the only ones to benefit. By taking on trainees, employers have the opportunity to develop a well trained, versatile and multi-skilled workforce. Financial incentives and access to flexible training arrangements are available to meet the needs of business and the trainee. Financial incentives are available to eligible employers to encourage them to take on a trainee. On successful completion of the traineeship the trainee gains a nationally recognised qualification which can lead to further study or employment.
Workplace learning programs offer the opportunity to stay at school, keep learning and start getting the skills and experience needed for a career.
a combination of paid employment and accredited training
financial aid that enables you to get trained for a specified job; "the bill provided traineeships in vocational rehabilitation"
a full-time or part-time job that combine work and on and off the job training
a job that combines work and training - you earn as you learn
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a great opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge in your field of study
a great way to expand your business and meet the demands of new and emerging markets
a great way to gain experience
an award given to a student selected by the university
a non-service award