Definitions for "Training plan"
A program of training and assessment which is required under an apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract.
A program of training and assessment that forms part of a training contract for New Apprenticeships and is registered with the relevant State or Territory Training Authority.
a document stating the training to be delivered to the apprentice or trainee, negotiated between the employer, the apprentice or trainee, and the supervising registered training organisation
an important means of reinforcing with the employer that the student's job is part of a training program
a required, formal document that identifies classroom and on-the-job instruction that contributes to the employability of a cooperative education student
the training work product that documents plans for performing training on an endeavor.
a critical document for placement SAEs
Consisting of training units, a training plan is the result of hierarchical decompositions of a training goal, tailored according to the learning preferences and prior knowledge of the trainee. A plan is the means by which the trainee satisfies the goal. *AIED95 An ordered list of training units which collectively present the trainee with the correct learning experiences to satisfy the training objective.
a carefully thought out plan, which includes the goal, and multiple objectives that help you reach the goal
A deliverable of the beta testing stage which describes how customer training will be conducted.
an overall schedule of the training to be provided to employees over some extended period of time, from three months to a year