Definitions for "Vocational"
of or relation to a vocation or occupation; especially providing or undergoing training in special skills; "vocational school"; "vocational students learning to repair a motor"
Software that is administered by a professional to assess or inform client suitability for various vocations and may train for a specific job skill.
trades and skills, such as carpentry, welding, printing, stenography and hairdressing, which are taught in vocational schools.
"vocazionale, attitudinale; professionale"
Organized educational programs which are designed to prepare individuals for jobs that do not require a baccalaureate or higher college degree.
Having to do with employment, a job, or one's career path.
An applied program of study, usually less than two years, that leads to a certificate in a specific career path. Fees for most vocational programs are calculated on a per month basis, not per credit.
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See Professional Technical.