Definitions for "QTS"
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Qualified teacher status The professional status you need to obtain to teach in state maintained schools in England and Wales. QTS is normally awarded after successful completion of an Initial Teacher Training course.
Qualified Teacher Status - from 1970 all teachers in state schools were required to have QTS.
Audio: The total quality factor of the speaker driver at Fs. Qts can be calculated using the equation: Qts = Qms Qes / (Qms + Qes)
This is an indication of how a subwoofer will react with the amplifier, and is very helpful in determining whether to "load" a subwoofer into a ported or sealed enclosure. As a general rule, a woofer with a high Q (.3-.9) will work best in a sealed enclosure and a woofer with a low Q (.1-.4) will work best in a ported enclosure.
The driver's Q at resonance (Fs), due to all losses
The total Q of the driver at fs.
Total Q, dimensionless.
Total damping factor. It indicates the ratio between stored energy and wasted energy around Fs.
The measurement of the speaker as a motor, taking into consideration all mechanical and electrical losses.
The Q of a speaker at Fs in free air considering both electrical and mechanical resistance.