Definitions for "Adult Basic Education"
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Instruction provided to students reading at 0 - 8.9 grade level equivalent, as determined by standardized testing. Services may include life skills training, parenting, citizenship and employability skills such as training in job readiness, job skills, job seeking skills, basic computer skills, and job retention activities.
Adult Basic Education is a program offered throughout the college district that provides English as a Second Language (ESL) courses; basic education for people who need to improve their reading, writing, and math skills; GED preparation for those who do not have a high school diploma and want to receive the equivalent certificate; and Adult High School Completion courses for those who want to earn a high school diploma. ABEâ€(tm)s administrative office is located on the Redmond North Campus 504-2950.
Refers to programs that assist adults who have not completed high school or the equivalent in improving basic reading, writing, and math skills, often in a small group setting or with the help of a volunteer tutor. Students often advance from ABE to ASE.