Definitions for "Ged"
General Education Development. High school equivalency certificate awarded upon successful completion of a standardized test.
General Equivalency Degree that upon successful completion of a test substitutes for a high school diploma.
High school equivalent.
This file is used for holding ge nealogy ata, and is most typically called a GedCom file (short for genealogy data communications). Most software applications made for performing genealogy work (or even just basic family trees) are capable of working with GedCom files and they can generally be used on all platforms. Note however that some companies have made proprietary extensions to the GedCom format, so transfers from one software application to another are not completely guaranteed to be safe.
Genealogical Event Data format. Native format for exchanging lineage-linked data between various genealogy programs.
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The European pike.
The Ged is the name in heraldry for the fish pike. It is often used in "canting" coats; that is, using coats of arms to make a pun on the last name of the bearer, one of his titles, a nickname, or the name of his estate.
Ged is the main protagonist in Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea book series.
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GeoTel Engineering Document. An API for integrating ACDs, IVRs, and agents into the ICM.
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Good Enough Die
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Group Executive Director