Definitions for "high school"
a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12; as, he goes to the neighborhood highschool.
In many school districts, high school reflects the time from 9th through 12th grade.
Not a Hochschule (German) or högskola (Swedish) but the upper secondary schools in the United States, grades 7-12. Often divided into junior (7-9) and senior (10-12) high school, some school districts have middle high schools as well (9-10).
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Baton Rouge (La.)
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"scuola media, secondaria"
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Laurinburg Institute (N.C.)
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See Haute Ecole.
a small, closed system where the simplest stimulus can reverberate into serious consequences
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a four-year, intensive course of study in creative writing, one of only a dozen nationwide
a two-year university-level college
The last three or four years of the 12-year public education program in the United States.
a non-profit organization and can issue charitable donation receipts for any gift
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a community, and communities imply getting along with each other