Definitions for "Communities"
Groups of plants or animals living together under characteristic, recognisable conditions.
Specifies a group of users which retains the same system access rights.
a free service where members can set up or participate in virtual groups
One of the 5 goals of the National Foreign Language Standards. Students of language are encouraged to participate appropriately in communities (of that language's culture) at home and throughout the world.
Communities representing a holistic approach to how cities are planned, designed and built, by giving proper attention to the involvement of people in the planning of neighborhoods; adopting appropriate planning principles; and designing buildings, streets and other transportation facilities to meet the needs of the people. (NCDoT)
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Netscape Online has sections known as Communities. These are subject areas, such as News, Games, TV, Sci-Fi. From here you can access Web sites, newsgroups, and chat areas on that subject, allowing you easy access to the areas you want to go on the Internet.
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a free internet service designed to promote the exchange of knowledge between ACCA, its members and students
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Different species of fish kept in the same aquarium.
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Case studies Public registers
These are the current and potential users of our services.
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Company policies