Definitions for "Clique"
a region of a graph where each vertex is connected to the others
a subgraph of a graph in which every node is connected to every other node and that is not contained in any larger subgraph with this property (Artymiuk et al
a subgraph that is complete
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A small group that serves as the primary peer group. go to glossary index
an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
a group of individuals held together by a common interest
a way for you to exspress yourself by showing your web page veiwers things about you and connecting you to other web sites
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a HP Labs Grenoble project
Keywords:  clannish, secretly, plot, desired, gain
To To associate together in a clannish way; to act with others secretly to gain a desired end; to plot; -- used with together.
Keywords:  friendship, seed
a friendship gone to seed
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A set; a gang.
A narrow circle of persons associated by common interests or for the accomplishment of a common purpose; -- generally used in a bad sense.
a coalition whose members associate regularly with each other on the basis of affection and common interest and possess a marked sense of common identity
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a set of voxels that are neighbors of one another
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a little out of my league