Definitions for "matching"
Biometric data (e.g. fingerprints) are matched to another sample to confirm a person’s identity (authentication). For example, BioCert biometric systems use optic scanners to collect fingerprint minutiae, then create mathematical templates based on that information for storage. New input fingerprints are scanned and compared to the stored samples. If the minutiae matching threshold is met, the person is authenticated.
The comparison of biometric templates to determine their degree of similarity or correlation.
The process of comparing biometric templates or images to determine their degree of similarity (a score). If the score exceeds a given threshold, the matching is positive, and a strong correlation between a person and the related template or the image could be established.
Adopting some aspects of another person's communication style for the purpose of building rapport. For example, matching their posture. Matching is not mimicry, which is conscious exact copying of another person's behavior.
Adopting characteristics of another person's outputs (behavior, words, etc.) to enhance rapport.
matching is adopting parts of another persons behaviour i.e. particular gestures, facial expressions, forms of speech, tone of voice etc. If subtly done it helps create a feeling of being similar or alike between people. Mismatching can be either conscious or unconscious behaviour. It has the effect of reducing rapport between people because a mismatcher does things differently from others, breathing at a different rate, speaking at a different tempo and so on. Mismatching can be a normal prt of focuses on difference.
Using the parameters of luster, surface, shape, color and size to match one pearl with another to create a piece of pearl jewelry, such as a necklace.
The process of grouping pearls according to color, size, shape, luster, and surface.
intentionally matched; "curtains and walls were color coordinated"
Hanging strips of wallcovering so that the design will be in the correct relation to the preceding strips. The types of matches are "random", "straight", "drop", and "reverse".
Hanging strips of wallcovering so that the design will be in correct relation to the preceding strips. The types of matches: random, straight and drop. Also, coordinating different wallpapers or fabrics.
The technique of joining two strips of wallpaper so that partial designs or a sequence of designs will line up properly. (e.g. Drop Match, Straight Match)
Choosing a “control group” (the group who doesn’t receive the treatment or other thing being tested) who is like the “experimental group” (who does receive the treatment); the groups would be alike in gender, age, race, and severity of disability, for example.
The process of making a study group and a comparison (control) group comparable with respect to certain factors that are not part of the main hypothesis. Matching is often done on such characteristics as age, sex, race, income group, etc. and is included into the study design to prevent the matched variables from affecting the estimate of risk and ultimately the conclusions of the study.
A method utilized to create comparison groups, in which groups or individuals are matched to those in the treatment group based on characteristics felt to be relevant to program outcomes.
A matching in a graph is a set of edges such that every vertex of the graph is on at most one edge in the set.
a set of edges in a (bipartite) graph on vertex set X Y such that none of them have a vertex in common with any of the others
a set of pairwise non-adjacent edges
The process of ensuring that purchases and sales in each currency and deposits given and taken in each currency are in balance, by amount and maturity.
The process of testing whether two data items are identical or of finding a data item that is identical to a key.
The process by which trades are checked and agreed before transmission to LCH.
In banking, this indicates the ability of a bank to match a loan by taking a deposit of the same maturity. A bank with matched books is one where the distribution of maturities of its assets and liabilities are the same. In export credit insurance, the term refers to the capacity of an export credit agency to match the credit terms and conditions offered by the ECA of another country, under the Consensus arrangement. Français: Appariement Español: Contrapartida, adaptación
Where assets and returns are managed so as to meet future liabilities and obligations.
The arrangement of assets, and the return from those assets, to meet future liabilities and obligations.
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in accounting, is the matching of invoices to purchase orders and delivery notes prior to payment.
The activity of comparing purchase orders, receipts and invoices to ensure compliance. Also ‘three way matching'
The combination of orders to trades based on a set of matching rules. E.g., the orders with the best price are executed before those with a worse price; within a given price, the order which was entered first is executed first.
The process of laying out veneers into a pattern when manufacturing wide sheets or panels. (see Book Match, Slip Match).
Joining veneers in a sequence according to their natural sequential order or to obtain specific dimensions and a pattern desired.
The process of joining sheets of veneer together so as to make a larger patterned sheet. As consecutive veneer leaves are cut from the tree, they are tied in bundles of 24, 28 and 32. These veneer leaves can be variously cut, Placed and arranged to create traditional designs and patterns.
(funds) - Financial contribution by the grantee; common to capital and/or equipment grants when grantee and/or grantee's clients are the primary beneficiary; typically one third (1/3) or greater; a form of cost sharing.
grantee's cash or in-kind contribution to a project, usually a percent of the total budget; see also cash match, in-kind.
having identical or closely similar appearance or properties; as, a pair of matching candlesticks.
See pairing
being two identical
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The amount of institutional funds to be committed to the project as required by the sponsor, and its source. This “commitment” can include personnel salaries, fringe benefits, supplies, and other costs committed to but not paid for by the grant. The UTMB commitment may also include, with sponsor approval, indirect costs that have been waived. It is the Department’s responsibility to maintain and track cost records throughout the term of the grant.
The terms “matching” and “ cost sharing” are often used interchangeably, although “matching” typically refers to a situation in which sponsors require the university to “match” sponsor funding according to a specified ratio.
A pledge or commitment of funding or in-kind contributions used to encourage other donors to commit themselves to the effort or to increase their current support. Source: Building Donor Partnerships, OSI
Harmonious and pleasing in appearance when used together; as, a matching skirt and blouse.
To fit together or cause to fit together. To find or produce a counterpart to. In document finishing, is used to describe the action that aggregates and verifies documents that must be sent together.
A fitting together of two or more parts.
a nice spin-off for law enforcement, but it's the rest of the science that really has more importance in the long run for human beings
a probabilistic science dependent in the end for the role it plays in criminal investigation on human interpretation, analysis and judgment
(See “Mirroring” and “Pacing.”)
See "device matching" and "driver matching".
See subsumption.
In Black Heart Solitaire, the type of melding that is done by the opponent.
measure of dispersion measure of location minimum connector minimum spanning tree modulus moments momentum mutually exclusive events
a computationally demanding task
The act of testing a string against a regular expression. If the regexp describes the contents of the string, it is said to match it.
A test item consisting of two lists where the student is asked to match alternatives on one list to related alternatives on the second list. The lists may include a combination of words, terms, illustrations, phrases, or sentences.
A requirement. Many Federal and a few foundation grant programs require that applicants obtain a portion--usually anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of their total request--from other sources, to show that there is wide local support for the intended project.
Automatic linking of spots on selected images to the corresponding spot on the master image.
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The act of striking a match
Connection of two components or circuits so that maximum power is transferred between the two.
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Performing the same movement side-by-side and at the same time.