Definitions for "Momentum"
Momentum is the measure of the speed of price change, which can sometimes serve...
The quantity of motion in a moving body, being always proportioned to the quantity of matter multiplied by the velocity; impetus.
A property of an activity or course of events, viewed as analogous to forward motion or to physical momentum (def. 1), such that the activity is believed to be able to continue moving forward without further application of force or effort; -- often used to describe an increase in the acquisition of public support for a purpose; as, as, the petition drive gained momentum when it was mentioned in the newspapers.
The momentum measures acceleration/deceleration and overbought/oversold situations. The momentum formula is M = P - Px where P = Latest price and Px = closing price "x" events ago. The crossing of the 'zero' line can be used for generating trading signals, but momentum signals have to be coordinated with the existing trend, for example the crossing of the "zero (1) line" should be taken as a sell signal only in a downtrend.
In technical analysis, a type of oscillator that is used to measure the rate of change – as opposed to the actual price level. The momentum indicator is the difference between the price of the instrument today and the price in the previous determined periods. This positive or negative difference is plotted around a zero line. It is used to signal overbought or oversold conditions as well as entry and exit points.
When a market continues in the same direction for a certain time frame, the market is said to have momentum.
A common modification to standard backpropagation training; at each step, weight adjustments are based on a combination of the current weight adjustment (as found in standard Backpropagation) and the weight change from the previous step.
is a training parameter used in a very common variation on standard error backpropagation learning procedure. It controls the effect of the last weight modification on the current weight update.-layer network is a feedforward network with - hidden layers.
Momentum is the first album released by Toby Mc Keehan under the name tobyMac. Also McKeehan is one of the three dc Talkers, and has expressed plans to continue recording with the other Talkers in the future.
Momentum is the ninth solo album by guitarist Steve Hackett. It is Hackett's second album comprised mainly of classical guitar pieces. Hackett's younger brother, John, plays the flute on the album.
"Momentum" is an album track on Ayumi Hamasaki's eighth studio album Secret, released November 29, 2006. Like all of the tracks on the album, "momentum" was written by Hamasaki, arranged by HΛL and was one of 4 tracks composed by Tetsuya Yukumi.
Momentum was the world's first IMAX film in 48 frames per second High-definition.
Momentum is a free magazine for "self-propelled people". It is published in Vancouver, Canada, and distributed throughout Greater Vancouver, Victoria and the Sunshine Coast.
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Normal Permittivity
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The inertia within a story as it approaches its climax. "I really feel the five-minute break-dance number is slowing the momentum in the second act ."
The phase of a network marketing company's growth when sales and recruiting begin to grow at an exponential rate.
Essential element, or constituent element.
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See Simulator
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a mo that cannot be stopped once it has started