Definitions for "Imax"
See Maximum steady-state current (Imax).
A film technology, developed in Canada, but now exploited in the United States. Huge cameras shoot huge rolls of film to be projected on to huge screens. In the IMAX theaters, the film is high enough and wide enough to include the whole visual field of the viewer, thus making the experience closer to that of the "mind movie". In the OMNIMAX theaters, this effect is further enhanced by projecting the image on a semi-circular surface.
The highest fault current that can safely be used to trip a PolySwitch(tm) device under specified conditions. Typically the lower the voltage dropped across the PolySwitch(tm) device in its tripped state, the higher the maximum interrupt current. Maximum interrupt currents are usually shown in this Databook at the maximum voltage. It may be possible to use a PolySwitch(tm) device at a higher interrupt current, but each such use must be individually qualified.