Definitions for "footage"
Keywords:  rninutes, ndash, shot, film, unedited
the amount of film that has been shot.
a sequences of frames stored on disk as a series of still images or as an AVI movie.
a sequence of shots taken by the camera and transferred to the rolling film
Keywords:  keykode, vitc, ltc, smpte, correlates
encoder time code generator an electronic device which takes the input from a reader of Keykode numbers, decodes this information and correlates the numbers with the SMPTE time code it generates. This data, along with 3:2 pull-down status of the transfer, footage count, and audio time code (if applicable) are made available for window burn-ins, VITC-LTC recording and output to a computer.
a rate of charging by the linear foot of work done.
Penetration rate in drilling. Footage Rate may also be a form of remuneration under a drilling contract. Often referred to as ROP (Rate of Penetration).