Definitions for "Linear"
Of or pertaining to a line; consisting of lines; in a straight direction; lineal.
Like a line; narrow; of the same breadth throughout, except at the extremities; as, a linear leaf.
(see: Leaf Shapes graphic.)
A polynomial of first degree.
Pertaining to or represented by lines.
A process is linear if doubling the starting conditions doubles the outcome. For example, the number of new schistosome infections establishing in mice is directly proportional to the number of cercaria the mice are exposed to, over a certain range. Outside this range, the response is nonlinear: there is no longer a direct proportionality. Linear differential equations are ones whose solutions are linear. This property allows us to solve linear differential equations completely: most nonlinear differential equations can't be solved analytically.
A general term for a system that has an output directly proportional to the input signal.
A process in which inputs generate proportionate output, or a process in which there is no memory.
Aside from its geometric meaning, linear describes systems in which an output is directly proportional to an input. In particular, a linear elastic system is one in which the internal displacements are (at equilibrium) directly proportional to applied forces.
A technique in painting concentrating on the lines and contours of a figure.
Emphasizing contour and outline.
A picture where importance has been attached to contours or outlines.
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Linear was a freestyle pop trio from Miami, Florida, consisting of vocalist Charlie Pennachio, guitarist Wyatt Pauley, and percussionist Joey Restivo. In 1990, the group had a hit with the gold single "Sending All My Love," which hit number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two years later, they had another hit with the single "T.L.C.," which hit number 30.
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gradlinig, von Punkt A nach Punkt B, siehe Lexikon
Thinking in a step-by-step analytical and logical fashion; contrasted with holistic, i.e. thinking in terms of complex interrelated patterns; as, linear thinkers.
A programming method characterized by short steps of instruction, constructed response, and a maximum amount of overt activity. The least desirable programming technique. (see branching)
accelerator: A machine that creates high-energy radiation to treat cancers, using electricity to form a stream of fast-moving subatomic particles. Also called mega-voltage (MeV) linear accelerator or a linac.
Comet LINEAR [C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)] was a comet that broke apart when it approached the Sun. The comet's icy core disintegrated as it passed close to the Sun (its perihelion) in July 2000. The Sun's intense heat had more to do with this comet's break-up than the Sun's gravitational forces.
adj - Long in one dimension, thin in every other dimension. Examples of linear objects are pencils, rivers, poles, strings, etc. See the chart under tetraspace.
of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension; "a linear foot"
measured lengthwise; "cost of lumber per running foot"
an interactive sequence designed to be played from beginning to end without branching (qv).
Linear projects play from beginning to endand do not include buttons. An example of a linear project is a slide show or video. Small linear projects with less than 100 objects may be created in one scene and then exported as a QuickTime or AVI file.
A motion video or film sequence designed to be played from beginning to end without stops or branching. Linear usually refers to traditional video or films which are meant to be watched by the viewer passively from beginning to end without interaction.
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The Fare Calculation area on an ATB.
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Melodic; horizontal lines.
ResearchChannel, and other video programming producers and distributors, uses this term to refer to its programming distributed over cable and satellite systems to delineate that programming from its on-demand video library.
A linear system is a system which satisfies the conditions of superposition and homogeneity
A light setting, which causes the light to fall off in a linear manner. Lumen Luminance Luminosity
A description of the characteristics of an isolation system which assumes that there is no variation with deflection, temperature, vibration level, etc. This is a simplifying assumption which is useful for first approximations but which must be treated carefully when dealing with critical isolation systems.
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A linear hearing aid is one that adds the same amount of gain to the incoming signal, regardless of how soft or loud the incoming signal is, up to a cutoff point or saturation. A non-linear hearing aid is one that varies the amount of gain added to an incoming sound based upon the intensity of the incoming sound. Usually in non-linear hearing aids, soft incoming sounds have more gain added to them than loud incoming sounds.
An adventure where the players follow a strict series of encounters.
Several times longer than wide, usually refers to very narrowly shaped leaves or fruits.
Shaped like a line.
A traditional tape mechanism similar to that of an audio cassette player in which the tape is drawn past stationary heads.
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A fancy word meaning line like or along a line.
The word linear comes from the Latin word linearis, which means created by lines.
Relating to, or consisting of a line.
1. Relating to line or lines. 2. In relation to length only, extended in a line.
A quality making use of line in painting, sculpture and design; relating to movement direction in composition, or the actual use of line elements.
sequential, from start to end. Detailed description
A device or circuit with a linear characteristics means that a signal passing through it is not distorted.
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Resembles or looks like a line.
This indicates if the deposits or withdrawals that are subject to a linear growth rate.
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See total order.
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