Definitions for "Cutoff"
The nonconducting state of a transistor.  A BJT operating state where I is near zero.
the minimum value of bias voltage, for a given combination of supply voltages, that just stops output current in an electron tube, transistor, or other active device.
Condition when an active device is biased such that output current is near zero or beyond zero.
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This is the seat to the right of the dealer; known as the second best seat at the table.
The seat before the dealer button, one of the best betting positions.
The player to the right of the dealer button. Called so because that player often "cuts off" the button to steal blinds and position.
a wall, collar or apron intended to prevent seepage or undermining
On modern rifles, a device to change fire from single shot to repeater and back again. Mounted on the receiver, it prevents cartridges from feeding out of the magazine. Thus those already held in the magazine are held in reserve while single cartridges are manually loaded into the chamber.
An impervious barrier used to reduce or prevent seepage from passing through the foundation under the dam.
Cutoff - The new and relatively short channel formed when a stream cuts through a narrow strip of land called a neck, and thereby shortens the length of its channel.
The circumference of the impression cylinder of a web press, therefore also the length of the printed sheet that the press cuts from the roll of paper.
Measured distance around the blanket cylinder of a web press that establishes the length of repeatability of the image; also a term used to describe the printed product as a sheet or signature in web production.
Refers to the smooth cutting of wood, plywood, chipboard, paneling, pressboard, etc.
A mathematically derived calculation in any given immunoassay which is used to determine which specimens are positive (reactive) or negative (unreactive), e.g. generally specimens with values above the CO are positive and those below are negative.
A luminaire light distribution is designed as cutoff when the candlepower per 1,000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 25 (2.5 percent) at an angle of 90 degrees above nadir (horizontal); and 100 (10 percent) at a vertical angle of 80 degrees above nadir. This applies to any lateral angle around the luminaire.
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A pair of blades positioned in dies or equipment (or a section of the die milled to produce the same effect as inserted blades) used to separate the forging from the bar after forging operations are completed. Used only when forgings are produced from relatively long bars instead of from individual, precut multiples or blanks. See also blank.
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Request for, or directive to, intercept using cutoff geometry. zum Men
Breaking, or ending, files at regular intervals, usually at the close of a fiscal or calendar year, to permit their disposal or transfer in complete blocks and, for correspondence files, to permit the establishment of new files. Case files are generally cut off at the end of the year in which the case is closed. Cutoff is sometimes abbreviated as COFF and is also called file cutoff or file break. See also BLOCK (1).
See "Year-end Cutoff Reports"
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A portion of a blast which fails to detonate.
a method for reducing the number of nodes explored in the Minimax strategy
is the delineating point, usually the frequency, at which a filter begins to attenuate.
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a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated
a device that terminates the flow in a pipe
(1) A detail designed to prevent lateral water movement into the insulation where the membrane terminates at the end of a day's work, or used to isolate sections of the roofing system. It is usually removed before the continuation of the work; (2) A permanent detail designed to seal and prevent lateral water movement in an insulation system, and used to isolate sections of a roofing system. (Note: a cutoff is different from a tie-off, which may be a temporary or permanent seal.); (3) A material seal that is designed to prevent lateral water movement into the edge of a roof system where the membrane terminates at the end of a day's work or used to isolate sections of the roof system. Cutoffs are usually removed before the continuation of work. See TIE-OFF and WATER CUTOFF.
Parameter cut-off. Upper or lower limiting value of a reservoir-size parameter. Values outside these limits are not used in computation or other data-handling manipulation.
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a route shorter than the usual one
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(see: 2nd Run Cutoff).