Definitions for "Parameter"
A constant number which is part of a theory, function, or calculation, whose value is not determined by the form of the theory or equation itself, and may in some cases be arbitrary assigned.
A term applied to some characteristic magnitude whose value, invariable as long as one and the same function, curve, surface, etc., is considered, serves to distinguish that function, curve, surface, etc., from others of the same kind or family.
Any constant number which is required to calculate values of observed phenomena according to a theory, but the value of which must be determined by experiment, and cannot be calculated from the fundamental assumptions of the theory. In general, a theory which has a large number of parameters, though it may accurately predict experimental results, is considered as having less explanatory power and as being less esthetically pleasing than a theory with fewer parameters.
A characteristic or element, especially one used as a criterion for evaluation or judgment; as, a useful parameter for determining efficiency.
In epidemiology, a measurable characteristic of a population. In economics, a constant in a model or formula.
Set For molecular mechanics force fields, empirically or theoretically derived force constants and structural values applying to spcific bonded combinations of atoms (each described by an atom type).
Context A term in Prolog and CG theory Definition - CG theory Either a formal parameter or an actual parameter of a lambda expression. Definition - Prolog Either a formal parameter or an actual parameter of a predicate.
a formal definition of an input to a method
1. A PL/SQL construct used to pass information to a subprogram. For example, in the subprogram call MYPROC (x),x is a parameter.
a constant in the equation of a curve that can be varied to yield a family of similar curves
a fixed object in any equation
a named constant
One of the ways that languages can depart from a hypothesized universal linguistic structure (e.g., omission of the subject in certain sentences).
Innate hypothesis regarding the forms which any language may take; an aspect of Chomsky's genetically-based Universal Grammar view of language acquisition. Exposure to a given language results in a particular setting of the parameters for each dimension of syntax.
In Universal Grammar theory the variation between languages is seen as a question of setting values for a small number of parameters, for example Italian sets the pro-drop parameter to have a value of pro-drop and thus allows sentences without subject vende (he sells), while German sets the value to non-pro-drop and thus has subjects in all sentences Er spricht (he speaks). Cf head parameter
a scalar or vector indexing a family of probability distributions
a scalar or vector that indexes a family of probability distributions
(in the ellipse and hyperbola), a third proportional to any diameter and its conjugate, or in the parabola, to any abscissa and the corresponding ordinate.
an item of information - such as a name, a number, or a selected option - that is passed to a program by a user or another program
an object used to pass data between a stored procedure and the batch or script that executes the stored procedure
a piece of data that is passed into a function or program
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Refers to a specific measurement made for one or a group of cells such as fluorescence or side scatter.
The object of a study or measurement, example: Lead, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.
any factor that defines a system and determines (or limits) its performance
a general-purpose named entity containing an arbitrary value
an arbitrary character string uninterpreted by the resource manager
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A subset of the group of evaluations that constitute each element of an observation; e.g., sky condition is an element, sky cover and ceiling are parameters.
entity an entity whose scope of use is within the document prolog (ie., the external subset/DTD or internal subset). Parameter entities are disallowed within the document instance.
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Additional information provided in the link to the FAQ search page restricting users to specified levels of the FAQ system. Parameters are attached to the web address of the search page in the href attribute of the a tag. The parameters allow you to restrict the user's entrance to the search page to a specific department (category), topic (sc), subtopic (tc), or question (id).
an attribute that can be set within an HTML tag
See attribute.
An operational aspect of an LXE device that is configurable by selecting an option presented through a user option.
Any aspect of a musical sound that can be varied (e.g., pitch, duration, volume, tone color, overtones, attack, decay, intensity, etc.).
A user-adjustable quantity that governs some aspect of a device's performance. Normally, the settings for all of the parameters that make up a synthesizer patch can be changed by the user and stored in memory, but the parameters themselves are defined by the operating system and cannot be altered.
Paris Bourse ParisInterbank Offer Rate
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a thread-specific setting, such a the current output port or the current directory for resolving relative
A set of tools to help OCR for AnyDoc fine-tune form removal and recognition. It also helps to define rules and output specifications.
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The term parameter refers to one of two things. Firstly a parameter is any information that follows a JACL command, keyword or property. If multiple parameters are specified, they must be separated by white space. The keyword parameter is also used to define a mapping between an HTML form parameter and a JACL container.
An input form or screen used to select run options and control processing.
Number or code entered to specify exactly what a given instruction is to do. Parameters are an integral part of the datalogger's program instructions. Common parameter entries include reps, measurement channels, measurement ranges, input locations, etc. Once the instruction number has been entered in a Program Table, the datalogger will prompt for the parameters by displaying the parameter number in the ID Field of the display.
The ratio of the three crystallographic axes which determines the position of any plane; also, the fundamental axial ratio for a given species.
A given framework or condition within which decision making takes place, i.e., Agency goals, earmarks, legislation, etc.
A parameter is a text file, written in code, that contains the formulae of which the fractal is comprised. Parameters allow you to save your fractals in code, as opposed to image, format.
a bit of extra information that cn be different each time the function is run
a declaration of local scope
a number or some text that the function uses to decide what to do
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Something that sets a group of people apart from other groups.
A setting for a modem or communication software.
a boundary where limits are set to protect the treasure inside
a word or phrase that is added to a statement to specify its domain of discourse
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The limits, guidelines, or assumptions from within which an activity is carried out; as, new arrivals need to learn the parameters of the research in our department.
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A number within a trading system used for calculating the entry/exit indicators or position sizing techniques. For example, the number of days in the period to calculate a moving average or the maximum risk taken per trade.
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(Net8 Administrator's Guide; search in this book) [definition #2] (SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
Each adjustment that is possible to change in a device. - Category: Equipment and Gear
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An upper and lower limit
A limit.
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a sequence of graphic characters
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permit possible presentation project
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a line of the form id
Parametric EQ