Definitions for "Quantitative"
Expressed in numerical values. See qualitative.
Expressed or expressible as a quantity.
Designed to produce data that tell us how many people do or think something, and to be statistically reliable - more
Relating to quantity.
related to quantity, value, or amount.
Data in which the values of a variable differ in amount rather than in kind.
A test that is quantitative determines the amount of a substance per unit volume or unit weight, e.g. blood glucose normal range 70-115 mg/dl-milligrams per deciliter.
How much valuable mineral or element is present in a sample of ore. Range, refers to range on USGS maps.
(of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables; "in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements"
Descriptive of size, magnitude, or degree.
Keywords:  absence, bid, asking, presence, band
(of a bid) asking partner to determine the strength of his band by the total values (usually high-card values) held rather than by the presence or absence of any specific cards.
includes experimental and non-experimental studies in which knowledge is derived deductively.