Definitions for "multiplier"
A number which indicates the magnitude of a particular macroeconomic policy...
is a. the investment multiplier which quantifies the overall effects of investment spending on total income; or, b. the deposit multiplier which shows the effects of a change in bank deposits on the total amount of outstanding credit and the money supply.
In Keynesian macroeconomic models, the ratio of the change in an endogenous variable to the change in an exogenous variable. Usually means the multiplier for government spending on income. In the simplest Keynesian model of a closed economy, this is 1/, where is the marginal propensity to save. See open economy multiplier.
A Multiplier is a numerical coefficient which relates the change of a component of aggregate demand (such as the export demand for a region's products) to a consequent change in income [or employment] (in this case: regional income or [employment]). In the case of the regional employment multiplier we relate the change of employment in the region's export sectors to the consequent changes in employment in those ("non-basic") sectors which are facing a change in household demand as a (direct and indirect) result of changes in employment and income in the export sectors. Income- & Employment Multipliers (Economic Base) Input-Output Multipliers A detailed explanation of input-output based multipliers [Schaffer] Multiplier effects Income-, employment-, tax-revenue- and other effects generated (through indirect linkages) by new exports or a new activity Multiplier Limitations & Misconceptions Quality multiplier (M.D.Thomas) Technology multiplier (Quinn et al., 1997, pp. 37/8)
The credit coefficient which is defined in the basis of the criteria accepted by the purchasing government.
SimpleDecimal General purpose coefficient applied to the parent's value.
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The function that determines the speed of the processor, which, in turn, is a multiple of the bus speed.
The factor by which the bus speed or frequency is multiplied to get the CPU clock speed.
A circuit whose output state is the arithmetic product of two input signals. Important in DSP (digital signal processing) technology for signal processing and power control applications. Intersil offers high-speed analog and digital multipliers.
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A slot machine with a pay schedule in which the jackpot for each winning combination is multiplied evenly by each coin wagered (e.g., first coin 10; second coin, 20).
a machine that has a given payout for a certain symbol, and the number of coins you play multiplies it
A slot machine with a pay schedule where the pay schedule for each winning combination is multiplied evenly by each coin wagered.
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Device with many gears that multiplies torque output of another tool NiCd ickel admium; a type of older technology tool battery
a factor used to estimate the impact on local revenue from tourism sales
a magnification factor
Is a factor which can increase the leverage of an instrument such as a floater or inverse floater. While sometimes the multiplier is less than 1.0, it is usually greater than 1.0. Multipliers are often seen in structured financings such as CMOs and Over-the-Counter derivatives.
An instrument for multiplying or increasing by repetition or accumulation the intensity of a force or action, as heat or electricity. It is particularly used to render such a force or action appreciable or measurable when feeble. See Thermomultiplier.
A film's total box office divided by its opening weekend box office. Another measure of the film's word-of-mouth but with a much wider range of possibilities. Films with below 2.0 are not unheard of, while 6.0 or more are a possibility. Just as a side note, not too long ago films with a multiplier of 10 or more were quite common, but the economics have changed and a big opening weekend is too important to the studios and the home market shortens a film's legs.
Any variation on a scoring device, implemented to varying degrees in different shmups, which somehow multiplies the amount of points awarded for shooting enemies or collecting items, or both, when taken advantage of by the player. Often the central component to a shmup's scoring system, especially relatively recent ones.
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This refers to a mechanism within the meter. Sometimes when a location has a high amount of usage, the meterĂ¢â‚¬(tm)s dials/numbers are required to turn numerous times. To prevent this, the mechanism slows down the meter. To calculate actual usage, the kWh registered on this meter are multiplied by a number (also called the multiplier) to determine the true usage.
Often referred to as Meter Constant. See Constant.
A general term used on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's natural gas and electric bills to refer to specific measurement adjustments applied to customers' metered energy use to ensure that all customers are billed equitably.
"An estimate of the number of secondary cases that will be caused by one infectious case. Known technically as R-zero."
a function such that local a priori estimates for partial differential equations hold only after the test function is multiplied by it
The quotient of the Client Company bill rate divided by the Contractor salary. For example, if the hourly bill rate is $30.00 and the hourly salary is $20.00, the Multiplier is 1.5. See also "Margin" and "Markup."
A figure used by county and state officials and applied uniformly to all parcels within a township to "equalize" assessments between townships and counties so that all values reflect the same assessment level.
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a regular but complex arrangement of adders and registers that requires quite a few gates
An integer multiplied with both the numerator and denominator of a fraction.
Is used when considering index options. The strike price and premium of an index option are usually expressed in points.
(1) "Effect": The ability of the commercial banking system to "create money" through lending activity (2) Options: Refers to the $100 multiplier used to determine aggregate strike price and premiums on index options.
a marker in terms of dollars or usage that you can use to figure out the potential for business
In stock index futures trading, the multiplier is the dollar value that is multiplied by the under value to determine the dollar market value of the futures contract.
a European-based line and is offered most often for soccer matches
The multiplier is the expected present value (for a given discount rate) of a stream of payments of 1 unit per year for the rest of an individual's survival time. See the separate section on discounted cost of future care and expenses.
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Municipal bond fund Municipal bond insurance
One who, or that which, multiplies or increases number.
The number by which another number (the multiplicand) is multiplied. See the Note under Multiplication.
the number by which a multiplicand is multiplied