Definitions for "bond"
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Moral or political duty or obligation.
A writing under seal, by which a person binds himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, to pay a certain sum on or before a future day appointed. This is a single bond. But usually a condition is added, that, if the obligor shall do a certain act, appear at a certain place, conform to certain rules, faithfully perform certain duties, or pay a certain sum of money, on or before a time specified, the obligation shall be void; otherwise it shall remain in full force. If the condition is not performed, the bond becomes forfeited, and the obligor and his heirs are liable to the payment of the whole sum.
A financial instrument (of the nature of the ordinary legal bond) made by a government or a corporation for purpose of borrowing money; a written promise to pay a specific sum of money on or before a specified day, given in return for a sum of money; as, a government, city, or railway bond.
The union or tie of the several stones or bricks forming a wall. The bricks may be arranged for this purpose in several different ways, as in English bond or block bond (Fig. 1), where one course consists of bricks with their ends toward the face of the wall, called headers, and the next course of bricks with their lengths parallel to the face of the wall, called stretchers; Flemish bond (Fig.2), where each course consists of headers and stretchers alternately, so laid as always to break joints; Cross bond, which differs from the English by the change of the second stretcher line so that its joints come in the middle of the first, and the same position of stretchers comes back every fifth line; Combined cross and English bond, where the inner part of the wall is laid in the one method, the outer in the other.
Arrangement of bricks in courses. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 410) Related terms: Bond, Flemish / Bond, Header / Bond, English / Bond, English Garden-Wall / Header / Stretcher
Arrangement of bricks to ensure stable brickwork.
Application and Use To join adherends by means of an adhesive.
1) Paper that has no fuzz. 2) To stick materials together with adhesive.
The ability of the material to adhere to the adhesive system.
The bond (the state valuable paper).
Writing paper; reprographic paper used for letterheads and business forms, manufactured at a basic size of 17" x 22"
Originally a term applied to cotton-content paper used for printing bonds and legal documents, and distinguished by strength, performance, and durability. Used for letterheads and forms, bond paper may now be made from cotton, chemical wood pulp, or a combination of the two. Today, writing, digital, and cut-size papers are often identified with the bond scale.
A bond is an agreement by a person to abide by certain conditions (eg: not to commit criminal offences, undergo educational courses, pay rent and not damage property). Can involve the payment of money which is forfeited if the bond is breached.• Sentencing Options• Tenancy - Residential Tenancies Act
Payment by a tenant to a landlord before the tenant takes over the premises and from which the landlord may be able to deduct arrears of rent or the cost of rectifying damage.
This is a security deposit, which is paid by the tenant(s) and is held by the Rental Bond Service (RBS) of the Department of Fair Trading for the duration of the tenancy. The amount is usually equal to 4 weeks rent for an unfurnished place and 6 weeks if it's furnished. Get a receipt for any money that you pay and if no receipt is forthcoming, contact the RBS who will take it up with the landlord/estate agent. The bond will be returned to you, in full, at the termination of the agreement unless you have caused damage to the place or have unpaid rent. The only unpaid bill that a landlord can claim the bond for is water usage charges.
The seal created by orthodontic cement to a tooth.
Degree of adherence of a coating to a substrate.
Adherence between plies of felt, or between felts and other elements of roof systems, which use bitumen or other materials as the cementing agent. French (Adhérence)
An insurance policy to protect the beneficiaries of an estate from misappropriation by an executor.
A guarantee by an insurance company or bonding agency to repay any loss due to negligence or criminal cause by an executor, administrator, or trustee. A will or revocable living trust can waive any bond requirement.
A guaranty by insurance or similar company agreeing to make up for any loss, negligently or criminally caused by an executor, administrator, trustee or other fiduciary. Usually a Probate Court will require this of an individual unless the will waives this requirement.
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A unit of chemical attraction between atoms; as, oxygen has two bonds of affinity. Also called chemical bond. It is often represented in graphic formulæ by a short line or dash. See Diagram of Benzene nucleus, and Valence. Several types of bond are distinguished by chemists, as double bond, triple bond, covalent bond, hydrogen bond.
A force which holds together two atoms, two ions, two molecules, or a combination of these.
strong force(s) that binds atoms and molecules together.
The state of goods placed in a bonded warehouse till the duties are paid; as, merchandise in bond.
To place under the conditions of a bond; to mortgage; to secure the payment of the duties on (goods or merchandise) by giving a bond.
A bond is a binding agreement between Customs and a shipping company. It signifies Customs approval to remove a shipment from the port of entry to the point of clearance. (see Bonded warehouse below).
The state of being bound; imprisonment; captivity, restraint.
In a state of servitude or slavery; captive.
A bond is a relationship. Bonds may be of special mutual emotional nature such as an attachment or they may be based upon other emotions (e.g., fear – such as seen in the bond between captor and captive).
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A binding force or influence; a cause of union; a uniting tie; as, the bonds of fellowship.
A uniting force or tie.
Twist of straw, reed, withy or bramble used to tie a bundle of thatch to roof can be sparred on or stitched
Staggering of joints in successive courses.
The system of aligning tiles on the roof in relationship to each other. With a straight bond, the sides of tiles form straight lines from bottom to top course. With a staggered, broken or cross bond, tiles in each alternate course overlap, by half, the tiles above and below them.
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to join together with glue
Glue line.
A writing or printing paper that weighs 50 grams or more and is treated with a glue-like substance to make it stiffer and shinier.
Shop on the rig selling toothpaste, confectionery, etc
Shop on the rig where you can buy items
In addition to a bond that you might buy for an investment, bonds also refer to insurance products. A performance bond protects you against loss in the event that a contractor is unable or unwilling to complete a construction project. Or an employer may choose to bond an employee who has access to company funds against losses from embezzlement.
A three-party agreement providing legal assurance of contract. A transit provider may request/require prospective contractors to provide a bid bond - a guarantee that the bidding party will fulfill the terms of the bid, and if not, that a third party ( usually an insurance company) will pay any cost difference bond that ensures restitution should the winning contractor fail to perform in accordance with specific contract terms.
Three-party agreement between the owner, the contractor and the bonding company.
Tib. Damtsig, Skt. Samaya] The basis for the rapid psychological growth in Diamond Way Buddhism. Through the unbroken connection to teacher, meditation forms and co-disciples, students quickly manifest their potential. Especially the bond to one's first teacher is very important.
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BOND (Building Object Network Databases) started development in late 2000 as a rapid application development tool for the GNOME Desktop. Its aim was to fill a gap that traditional Microsoft Windows applications like Borland Delphi, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic filled on the Windows desktop, but targeted for the Linux environment. Its goal was to allow developers to quickly build database forms for backend SQL databases.
That which binds, ties, fastens, or confines, or by which anything is fastened or bound, as a cord, chain, etc.; a band; a ligament; a shackle or a manacle.
To fasten or stick together.
Insurance policy that guarantees performance or payment. Required on all government and large commercial projects.
A bond executed in connection with a contract that secures the performance and fulfillment of all conditions and terms written into the purchase order.
See Guarantee.
Insurance for a trust against fraud, cheating or wrong-doing.
insurance protecting an organization, such as a union, against financial loss through fraud or dishonesty.
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A vassal or serf; a slave.
BOND stands for the British Overseas NGOs for Development, an organization in the United Kingdom that networks with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the fields of international development, regional EU policy, and British development programming abroad. BOND was founded in 1993 and now has over 290 NGOs in its network.
Australian/British classical crossover string quartet.
In grinding wheels the material used to hold abrasive grains in place giving shape to the grinding wheel, abrasive stick, hone, or similar products. Bonding materials can be resins, epoxy, rubber, metal, and vitrified materials.Bonds are critical component of grinding wheels that helps to distinguish one manufacturer from another. For coated abrasives bond refers to the resin used to attach abrasive grains to the backing material.
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BOND is a RAD tool for creating database applications. It allows you to develop GUI front ends to PostgreSQL databases. It uses XML to define widget layout and how to obtain information from databases.
(expanded metal) - The intersection of two strands in an expanded metal sheet.
The point of intersection between two strands of expanded metal.
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See: StarBonds.
Bond is a Java-based, message-oriented middleware and agent framework. Bond objects have the default capability to communicate using the KQML agent communication language. The mechanism of "probes" allows the programmer to add functionality dynamically.
League; association; confederacy.
In the case of Fannie Mae REMICS, an instrument representing the right to certain payments on the underlying collateral.
A document representing a right to certain payments on underlying collateral.
In band welding, the juncture of joined band ends.
The permanent joining of metallic parts to form an electrically conductive path that will assure electrical continuity and the capacity to safely conduct any current likely to be imposed.
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60 gsm to 135 gsm
a sized finished writing paper of 50gsm or more. Can also be used for printing upon.
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Bond Buyer bond crowd
The 1995 ballot measure that approved 42.3 million for improvements to Lane Community college.
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A heavy copper wire or rod connecting adjacent rails of an electric railway track when used as a part of the electric circuit.
See What are bonds? (The Bond Market Association) and Bonds – Basics (The Investment FAQ, USA).
Insurance cover needed by a person who acts as an insolvency practitioner.
Bond length is the length of embedment of a reinforcing bar to transfer full stress.
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the union of two substrates.
Shipments moving under a country Customs bonds.
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See Treasury bond.
An interconnection which performs a permanent electrical and/or mechanical function.
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An insurance policy required by the Court in an amount set by the judge to cover the assets of the estate.
The force(s) holding two components in positive contact.
Something that combines or holds things together
The electrical connection between two metallic surfaces established to provide a low-resistance path between them.
A link key which is exchanged between two devices. This key will be used for future authentication between the devices.
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See Grounding Bond.
The element of a mortgage agreement in which the lender agrees to the terms of the loan.
an attachment that an individual human or animal forms to another.
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See "Mechanical Bond" and "Metallic Bond"
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A loan obtained to purchase property made between you and the mortgage broker, lender or bank.
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See Mortgage Bond below.