Definitions for "TIB"
Transportation Improvement Board itle VI A federal law that prohibits discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal funds. Title VI has implications for each project phase including considerations for contracting, public outreach, right-of-way acquisition and other project elements
Trustee Investment Bond
Treasury Indexed Bond. This is a medium to long-term security issued in the form of a Capital Indexed Bond. The nominal value of the security, on which a fixed rate of interest applies, varies over time according to movements in the Consumer Price Index. At maturity, the adjusted capital value of the Bonds is paid. In the past, Treasury Indexed Bonds were also issued in the form of Interest Indexed Bonds, some of which are yet to mature. These Bonds carry a nominal rate of interest, which varies over time according to movements in the Consumer Price Index, and are repayable at face value on maturity.
Temporarily in-bond
See: transfer instruction block (TIB)
transfer instruction block. A data structure used to pass instructions to the SCSI Manager data transfer routines.
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Particle found in TiBAl alloys, plays a key role in grain refining.