Definitions for "Transfer"
To remove from one substance or surface to another; as, to transfer drawings or engravings to a lithographic stone.
The act of transferring, or the state of being transferred; the removal or conveyance of a thing from one place or person to another.
The conveyance of right, title, or property, either real or personal, from one person to another, whether by sale, by gift, or otherwise.
The process by which securities are reregistered to new owners. The old securities are canceled and new ones issued to the new registrants.
1) the delivery of a stock certificate from the seller's broker to the buyer's broker and legal change of ownership, normally accomplished within a few days. 2) the recording of the change of ownership on the books of the corporation by the transfer agent.
A request, by means of a Change-in-Status form, to change the location, retention, holdings, etc., of a body of material.
Movement of a patient between hospitals or between units in a given hospital. In Medicare, a full DRG rate is paid only for transferred patients that are defined as discharged. In managed care, transfers are often suggested by UR entities to move patients to lower cost care facilities.
To move from one place to another; when a patient is moved from a bed to a wheelchair; when a patient is moved from location to location, such as a hospital to an extended care facility.
Most accessible toilet facilities have a corner WC layout which will offer either a right-hand or left-hand transfer to wheelchair users. Some users may have reduced ability or strength on one side of the body, so it is always recommended that where more than one accessible WC is provided in a building, facilities are alternated to provide some of each type. Return to the top No entries - Return to the top Vision Impairment Any disorder which affects the eyesight ranging from partial sight to blindness.
Transfer is a 1966 short film written, shot, edited and directed by David Cronenberg. It features Mort Ritts and Rafe Macpherson and has a runtime of 7 minutes.
to lower pipe or tubing onto a downhole tool, transferring all or part of the hook load.
Putting an image onto polymer clay. The clay will pick up certain types of copier toner, colored pencils, chalks, etc, which allows an image on paper to be transferred to the clay. There are several types of transfers. Most photocopies and some brands of colored pencils will transfer directly if placed on the clay. Some brands of T-shirt transfer paper can be baked onto clay to transfer the image. Transfers can also be made onto Liquid Sculpey.
The process of transferring by heat a design from a specially treated paper onto a garment. Plastisol inks and sublimation dyes typically are used.
Local transportation between two locations usually as part of a vacation package. Transfers can include transportation from an airport to a hotel, from a hotel to a theater or restaurant, or from one airport terminal to another.
The intentional or accidental transport and release of a living aquatic animal within areas of established populations and continuing genetic flow, where it occurs. (modified from ICES 2003)
This refers to the transportation of visitors between their point of arrival and selected hotel, and back again on departure day.
The movement of an employee from his/her current position to a different position within the University.
The appointment of an employee from one geographic location within the University to a different geographic location within the same University in excess of fifty (50) miles from the employee's current work location.
A movement to a different position in the same job family and zone, in the same or a different Organizational Unit. It is not considered to be a promotion.
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An option in Memory Camp. With this, you can send Einherjar to Valhalla. Einherjar who are not accepted or have negative Hero Value, will be greyed out.
A pathological process by virtue of which a unilateral morbid condition on being abolished on one side of the body makes its appearance in the corresponding region upon the other side.
In mathematics, the transfer in group theory is a group homomorphism defined given a finite group G and a subgroup H, which goes from the abelianization of G to that of H.
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In producing copy C using parent letter P, placement of text from a third letter D (the donor) onto copy C. The text may be directly copied or produced from memory. Usually the text is a component of D. This process, or the text involved, is called a transfer. The text may be translated into the language of letter C. CLEVO
To copy an application .ear file to the server, usually by FTP. (See also deploy.)
A sound copy. After a day's shooting, the sound is on 1/4 inch tape. It is then transferred onto mag stock for use in editing.
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A proceeding where it is determined if juveniles should be certified as adults for purposes of being tried in adult court. See full article titled Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Court
The process whereby a juvenile between the ages of 14 and 18 (at the time of the offense) can be removed from a juvenile and domestic relations district court to the circuit court for trial as an adult.
The Industrial Relations Act 1999 defines a transfer of calling as including a transmission, assurance, conveyance, assignment or succession either by operation of law or by agreement including an agreement effected by a third person.
As objects of intellectual property or intangible assets, patents and patent applications can be freely transferred. A transfer of patent or patent application can be the result of a financial transaction, such as an assignment, a merger, a takeover or a demerger, or the result of an operation of law, such as in an inheritance process, or in a bankruptcy.
bringing back to the job environment what was learned in training. (664)
Transfer is the process of using knowledge of a first language to learn a second language. Transfer can be positive, when a first language pattern identical with a target-language pattern is transferred. It can be negative, when a first-language pattern different from the target-language pattern is transferred. In the latter case, L1-induced errors occur.
application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation
Gigatransfer (GT) and Megatransfer (MT) are terms used in computer technology, referring to a number of data transfers (or operations). They are most commonly used for measuring the number of transfers per second (GT/s or MT/s, sometimes seen as GT/sec or MT/sec). 1 GT/s means 109 transfers per second, while 1 MT/s is one million transfers per second.
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See Ll transfer. [19
See Blotting.
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an automatic reduced response and if you were to run lights and siren on this type of call I feel sure that some of our local law enforcement would be more than happy to remind you of that fact
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An authorized transfer of funds between line items of a budget act. Appropriation transfers are categorized as either an administrative transfer or a legislative transfer pursuant to the DMB Act.
an act which transmits or creates an interest in a security, a financial instrument or money.
Act of conveying the title to property.
The obscene euphemism for ethnic cleansing (which is itself a euphemism).
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(1) (noun) a bid that shows length in a different suit;(2) (noun) a call that asks partner to make a certain call regardless of his holding; [In this usage, also called Puppet.](3) (verb) to use a transfer (meaning 1);(4) (verb) to remove protection in a suit from one opponent and give it to the other;(5) (adjective) a squeeze involving a transfer (meaning 4).
This is the form that when signed by the Seller that authorises the company the shares are in to substitute their name with that of the buyer. Thereby removing their name from the company register
The form signed by the seller of a security authorising the company to remove his/her name from the register, and substitute that of the buyer.
Endorsement of a policy to substitute a different insured.
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Any mode or means by which a debtor disposes of (or parts with) the debtor's property.
Any mode or means by which a debtor disposes of or parts with his/her property.
An assessment of a property's value Underlease A leasehold term which is granted from a longer leasehold term Valuation An assessment of a property's value
an attractive approach for treatment of DMD, since the vector allows long-term expression of the transgene with less immune response
Transfers are used by a player during the influence phase. They can be spent to bring vampires from the uncontrolled region to the ready region.
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a big hurdle and buyers of property are fleeced
In the context of this manual, a transfer is the swapping of funds between accounts. These can be internal transfers, such as when profits from the tuckshop are transferred to the main account, or external, such as when invested funds are transferred back to the main account. Internal transfers need to be accounted for in consolidation of annual statements.
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a punishment
9,10 A persuasive technique in which a product is associated with something attractive or respectable.
to give something, with nothing specific expected in return
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in lithography the multiple images, each representing one stamp impression, or as a part of a stamp design, are laid down in the form of transfers from the original. In line-engraving, a hardened steel roller or transfer die was used (also known as a transfer roller).
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a set of modules that conform to the usage rules of SDTS and/or a profile
GUIDELINES Informal documents which suggest courses to be taken at Three Rivers that transfer into a four-year college.
One who has received his/her diploma from an approved high school program, or its equivalent, and is applying with thirty hours or more of transferable college credit.
Programming statements, like the "go-to" in nonstructured programming languages, that allow program code to be transferred into and out of modules.
Soil, debris, vegetation, etc. that adheres to the bottom of the foot and is deposited on subsequent tracks.
Shifting weight from the supporting foot to the free foot at the end of a step.
The return of fertilized embryos to the uterine cavity
Inheritance tax is charged on a transfer of value. That transfer can occur either during a person's lifetime, in the form of a gift, or on a person's death.
Selling your shares to someone else or giving them as a gift.
In PA the buyer and seller each pay 1% state tax on the sales price of the real estate, unless stated otherwise in the sales contract. In other states there is Excise tax 1.78%.
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The receiving or sending of a file with a BBS.
the successful response to a page request; also when a browser receives a complete page of content from a Web server.
an I/O request at the device driver level
an I/O request to the device
Transfer is commonly used by web hosting companies to refer to bandwidth. It means the same thing. Back to up
See Bandwidth.
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3rd-kind boundary condition (leakage).
standard used as an intermediary to compare standards.
a disposition of an interest in property
Passing an incident to a more capable resource after some preliminary handling.
A flow of technology in a direction typically from the laboratory to the field. In the context of research and development of products within the VA, transfer implies manufacture and distribution.
A vertical or inclined connection between two or more levels and used as an ore pass.
an offer of accommodation made through the housing department's waiting list
A complaint is transferred when a complaint analysis determines an IG other than the one receiving the complaint should resolve it.
In the context of Keep In Touch, a payment by one committee to an affiliated committee.
Method of drawing in which artist works on a specially coated paper or surface other than the intended printing element. The Drawing is then transferred to metal or stone which is then processed for printing.
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Qualifying for the semi or main events.
The physical and legal transfer of documents to the Archives.
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Total amount of data transferred from the customer's Web site to clients. Includes all HTML, Web pages, images, sounds, videos, etc. See Data Transfer.
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The transfer Element
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This is the total amount of data which is transferred from a host's computer to other's computers over the period of a month. Usually measured in GB.
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Refer to Heat Transfer.
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See Credit Transfer
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See call transfer.
That which is transferred.