Definitions for "Receiving"
The functions and department that process incoming material against purchase orders, interplant orders and customer returns, verify proper item, quantity and physical condition, move to stocking locations and perform receipt update and documentation duties.
One of the basic operating functions of the food distribution center where incoming merchandise is unloaded from trucks or rail cars and checked for condition and completeness.
In MOD: processing of a piece that has been shipped to the libraries by a publisher or vendor. Includes making sure the correct piece was supplied, all parts were sent, invoice is forwarded to Accounting Section, and OSCAR order record is updated with date received, number of pieces, where the piece was sent for next processing steps. Receiving may also involve "fast cat."
Being the passive partner, having any sexual act done to you. On AdultFriendFinder it's often used in this context: "I like oral sex, giving as well as receiving." This means, "You suck me, I'll suck you."
The function or act of reviewing and accepting property into ones accountability or possession.
Gaining control of a moving ball by stopping it with any part of the body.