Definitions for "Fulfillment"
The act of fulfilling; accomplishment; completion; as, the fulfillment of prophecy.
Specialist printing, packaging, secure warehousing and logistics services that complement CD and DVD manufacturing to meet the ever demanding needs of customers.
The act of delivering electronic goods, such as software or electronic documents, electronically or shipping physical goods by traditional means.
a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
An Acquirer's notice, sent in its outgoing clearing record, that the requested draft has been supplied, either through the appropriate Card Association's online or fax systems or by registered mail.
The acquirer provides the issuing bank with an original sales draft or a legible copy.
Servicing consumers and trade who request information as a result of advertising or promotional programs. Service often includes an 800 number, sales staff and distribution of materials.
off-site storage and distribution of brochures and other printed material.
The collection of materials in a finished product for distribution or inventory.
Maintaining complete subscriber information files including new subscribers, renewals, address changes and cancellation. The file is then used to produce mailing labels.
An all-inclusive term referring to the numerous tasks involved in creating, updating and maintaining an active subscriber list and producing the mailing labels and necessary statistics and reports for auditing and marketing purposes. Fulfillment is accomplished either through an outside supplier-a fulfillment bureau (also called a fulfillment "house" or "fulfillment service")-or internally, with purchased or self-developed software packages, hardware and an in-house staff. Each in-house and outside system or bureau has its own capabilities and specialties.
The process by which the card is matched to a letter, inserted into an envelope, metered and delivered to the post office. Personalization is available using several different methods along with continuous form equipment or individual piecework.
Execution; performance; as, the fulfillment of a promise.
the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc)
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