Definitions for "Quick response"
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A supply chain management philosophy in which a business responds quickly to customer orders. Analogous to just-in-time manufacturing; a business practice in the retail industry of which an important part is the strategic deployment of XML, EDI and bar coding. Produces improved inventory turns, avoidance of out-of-stocks and reduction of excess inventory. XML and EDI are used to deliver market data gathered at the point-of-sale (POS) terminals and delivered to suppliers much more quickly than using manual systems.
A strategy where partners in a supply chain work together to respond more rapidly to consumer demand. This may involve sharing point of sale data, forecast demand levels and making manufacturing as flexible as possible so that production can be agreed to consumer demand.
Introduced in the textile and apparel industry and has spread throughout general merchandising. QR became a business strategy for formulating strategic exchange relationships.
Allowing the absolutly shortest time between ordering and delivery.
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An approach widely used in the USA upon which Efficient Consumer Response is based.
a good one, no response is obviously bad and will get a similar report
see Response, Quick.
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A short time period between metal sensing and peak audio/ visual indicator indication usually associated with all frequency ranges of TR detectors.