Definitions for "peak"
The highest price, value or rate reached.
A point; the sharp end or top of anything that terminates in a point; as, the peak, or front, of a cap.
The top, or one of the tops, of a hill, mountain, or range, ending in a point; often, the whole hill or mountain, esp. when isolated; as, the Peak of Teneriffe.
To achieve a maximum of numerical value, intensity of activity, popularity, or other characteristic, followed by a decline; as, the stock market peaked in January; his performance as a pitcher peaked in 1990; sales of the XTX model peaked at 20,000 per year.
As a bodybuilder prepares for a contest, he/she cuts bodyfat to an unusually low level to bring out maximum muscularity that can be maintained for only a short time, usually only a few days.
The highest instantaneous value found on any part of a waveform.
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The upper aftermost corner of a fore-and-aft sail; -- used in many combinations; as, peak-halyards, peak-brails, etc.
To raise to a position perpendicular, or more nearly so; as, to peak oars, to hold them upright; to peak a gaff or yard, to set it nearer the perpendicular.
1. The upper aft corner of a square fore-and-aft sail. 2. A compartment in either extreme end of the vessel, bow or stern, referred to as forepeak or afterpeak.
Part of the day that mobile phone customers can expect to pay full-service airtime rates -- on some systems.
of a period of maximal use or demand or activity; "at peak hours the streets traffic is unbelievable"
A heavy-usage part of the day during which mobile phone customers can expect to pay full-service airtime rates.
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A wine is said to be at its peak when it has matured to its optimum moment for drinking. Depending on the wine this might be two or even 20 years after harvest .
The apex of black tea tasting--green and oolong teas do not peak. Peak occurs a few moments after the liquor enters the mouth and the tea's qualities are experienced.
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To pry; to peep slyly.
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The time period when the insulin is strongest causing the BG level to be lowest. Will vary depending on the cat and duration of insulin used. Should not fall below 100 mg/dl or 5.5 mmol.
The strongest part of the contraction.
The peak demand to date in the period for the facility.
the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
The time of greatest intensity of a meteor shower or meteor storm. The peak of a shower can be predicted with a reasonably high degree of precision.
a poor representation of a sinusoid
When the detector registers the presence of a compound, the normal baseline signal it sends to the data system changes, resulting in a deflection from the baseline called a peak. Well resolved peaks are symmetrical, touch the baseline, and do not interfere with other peaks.
The visual representation on the chromatogram based on the detector's electrical response due to the presence of a sample component inside the flow cell.
a monarch if it has one or more neighbors inside its extent, and they are all lower
a sovereign if it has no neighbor inside its extent
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an attachment to a helmet, taking the form of a plate over the eyes like the peak of a baseball cap.
a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes; "he pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"
a wave that breaks forming a rideable wave both left and right, two surfers can surf it at the same time in different directions
1. Pinnacle shaped section of a wave about to break. 2. A wave that breaks both right and left with one defined take off area.
The deconvoluted, mass-domain of an isotopic distribution resulting from FTICR mass spectrometry analysis of an ion.
The absolute zenith of competitive condition achieved by a bodybuilder. To peak out optimally for a bodybuilding show, you must intelligently combine bodybuilding training, aerobic workouts, diet, mental conditioning, tanning, and a large number of other preparatory factors.
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see "occiput"
a captivating, intoxicating individual
In geometry, a peak is an (n-3)-dimensional element of an n-dimensional polytope.
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a measure of covalent DNA/topo complexes
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The narrow part of a vessel's bow, or the hold within it.
An emphasis on a relatively narrow band of frequencies, typically less than one octave in width.
an excitement, and nobody can exist continuously in an excitement
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The extremity of an anchor fluke; the bill.
the most extreme possible amount or value; "voltage peak"
the portion of a simulated perforation on a self-adhesive stamp that protrudes from the side of the stamp.
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A short-term, high-level audio signal.
A price high on a currency bar chart.
A sudden high-volume burst of signal.
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Print Excellence And Knowledge
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a time when output, employment, and incomes are at an all time high
Scheduling your training so that your best performance is timed for a goal race or event
A statistical distribution of digitized energy data for a single energy.
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The place on the roof where both sides meet at the top.