Definitions for "Capability"
a globally (almost) unique identifier for some resource
a globally unique (in time and space), unforgeable name for (a specific instance of) some resource
a name and a set of rights, and needs to be unforgeable
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The quality of being capable; capacity; capableness; esp. intellectual power or ability.
Capacity of being used or improved.
The ability of a suitably organized, trained, and equipped entity to access, penetrate, or alter government or privately owned information or communications systems and/or to disrupt, deny, or destroy all or part of a critical infrastructure.
The amount of electric power delivered or required for which a generator, turbine, transformer, transmission circuit, station, or system is rated by the manufacturer.
The maximum electrical energy a system can supply under specified conditions in a given time interval. Energy capability is the product of capacity and time, and is expressed in kilowatt-hours, or some multiple thereof.
CAPABILITY is the maximum electrical load which a generating station or electrical equipment can carry under specific conditions for a given period of time, without exceeding approved limits of temperature and stress.
a bundle of designation plus authority
a communicable token of authority
a pure opaque designator that coveys authority
The combination of a verified user identity, an assured access control decision, and a list of permitted actions, provided by Akenti to the application (or its agent). The application uses a capability to control specific user actions and to set up a secure communication channel between the user and resource.
a grouping mechanism that assembles the people, processes, systems and other resources to enable the organization to produce certain results and services
a pointer to a controlled system resource that cannot be duplicated, thus protecting the resource from misuse
the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment; "the capability of a metal to be fused"
an object that represents permission for a principal to perform a particular action
a permission to access some particular Moodle feature
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A skill, consistent successful strategy for carrying out a task. One of the logical levels.
a bonus, but by no means necessary
(CPC) — a person's highest current level of mental complexity. It determines the maximum level at which someone could work at the present time, given the opportunity to do so and provided that the work is of value to him/her, and given the opportunity to acquire the necessary skilled knowledge. This is the level of work that people aspire to have and feel satisfied if they can get. When people have work at their CPC, they feel they have an opportunity for the full expression of their potential.
Synonymous with key. "Key" is preferred in Key Logic documentation.
a lot like the keys on your key ring
a proven core competency of CACI, and will remain a key driver of our growth
a NaturalConference feature that can be enabled for a given conferencing object
an object reference
a system-protected object that serves to identify an entity and to define what operations the holder may perform on it
a set of properties, operations, and notifications described by WSDL/schema
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a one-way channel that one actor (or process or user) has to another, and in these systems, sending requests through capabilities is the only way of doing things
On VAX systems, software that makes the services of the vector processor available to system users.
A measure of the expected use of a system.
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an aptitude that may be developed
A string, provided to clients, that defines the functionality available in a given IMAP service.
Our Capability is what it takes to build and grow our Brands through defined processes that align the functional expertise at the Center. It can also be described as a Brand's expertise against clear priorities.
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a means of categorization
a set of business processes understood strategically
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an arrow, and an arrow has two ends
Likelihood a product will meet specification.
an ID that a program can use to access functionality
combination of an reference and access rights. In Java, use base case with facet patterns.
the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally; "he worked to the limits of his capability"
Data processing equipment characteristic by which one machine may accept and process data without conversion or code modification.
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a good force structure fit, even if it does represent a more expensive basic platform
A capability is a named piece of functionality (or feature) that is declared as supported or requested by an agent.
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a grouping of related components
a name in that it designates something within a computing system