Definitions for "Functional limitation"
Exists when a desired or required activity cannot be independently performed in a specific environment.
The SIPP asked respondents about their ability to perform the following specific sensory and physical activities: (1) seeing ordinary newspaper print (with glasses or contacts if normally used); (2) hearing normal conversation (using aid if normally used); (3) having speech understood; (4) lifting or carrying 10 lbs.; (5) walking a quarter of a mile without resting; (6) climbing a flight of stairs without resting; (7) getting around outside; (8) getting around inside; or (9) getting into and out of bed. Difficulty in performing any of these activities is classified as a functional limitation in the SIPP.
Reduced ability or lack of ability to perform an action or activity in the manner or within the range considered to be normal.
Identified area(s) of weakness caused by a disability.  Functional limitations are used to identify reasonable accommodations in school/work.