Definitions for "Weakness"
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The quality or state of being weak; want of strength or firmness; lack of vigor; want of resolution or of moral strength; feebleness.
That which is a mark of lack of strength or resolution; a fault; a defect.
decreased isometric strength
Keywords:  degreee, paralysis, mild
Mild degreee of paralysis.
Reluctance to stand up or move, droopy posture
powerlessness revealed by an inability to act; "in spite of their weakness the group remains highly active"
a penchant for something even though it might not be good for you; "he has a weakness for chocolate"
the condition of being financially weak; "the weakness of the dollar against the yen"
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whenever while wish work
a deficiency in the evidence that is not so serious that it causes the panel to find one of the components below standard
Keywords:  fault, defect, limitation
a limitation, fault, or defect
Keywords:  symptoms, causing, body
Symptoms causing weakness of the body.