Definitions for "Defect"
Keywords:  imperfection, flaw, blemish, bug, fault
Want or absence of something necessary for completeness or perfection; deficiency; -- opposed to superfluity.
Failing; fault; imperfection, whether physical or moral; blemish; as, a defect in the ear or eye; a defect in timber or iron; a defect of memory or judgment.
To fail; to become deficient.
a limited interruption in the ability of an item to perform a required function
Any type of undesired result is a defect. A failure to meet one of the acceptance criteria of your customers. A defect ive unit may have one or more defect s. 'A defect is a failure to conform to requirements' (Crosby, 'Quality Is Free'), whether or not those requirements have been articulated or specified. The non-conformance to intended usage requirement.
product specialization
This is a discontinuity in the otherwise ideal lattice in a solid.
a break in peridoicity (lattice or basis)
One or more discontinuities that cause a testing failure in a weld.
A defect is anything that renders the aluminum unfit for the specific use for which it was ordered.
a lack of something which renders a component non-adequate or which will lead to the component's becoming non-adequate
Anything that renders the steel unfit for the specific use for its intended use such as punchmarks, roll marks, oil spots, and scratches. However, what is defective for one user may be prime steel for another.
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Any event that does not meet the specifications of a CTQ.
Any measurable event that does not meet a customer specification.
a deviation between desired result and observed result
to abandon one country or faction, and join another.
desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army; "If soldiers deserted Hitler's army, they were shot"
abandon one's country in favour of another.
In geometry, the defect of a vertex of a polyhedron is the amount by which the sum of the angles of the faces at the vertex falls short of a full circle. If the sum of the angles exceeds a full circle, as occurs in some vertices of most (not all) non-convex polyhedra, then the defect is negative. If a polyhedron is convex, then the defects of all of its vertices are positive.
An irregularity found in a board that lowers its strength and value. Common defects are knots, staining, checks, etc..
Some irregularity in a medium which disturbs its ability to carry recorded data. Defects in an optical disk include bumps, depressions, dirt, missing sensitive material, etc. Because of the high density of optical recording, even micrometer size defects are important.
A chemical or structural irregularity that degrades the product. Defects can affect the product over time or interfere with manufacturing the chip correctly.
Any adversion: particles, contamination, residue, stains, pinholes, pits, etc. that may cause device failure or affect device performance
Any less-than-ideal quality factor in a cheese, often due to improper manufacture, handling or contamination. Defects can refer to packaging, finish, surface, texture or taste.
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As used in this text, an anomaly for which an analysis, such as ASME B31G, would indicate that the pipe is approaching failure as the nominal hoop stress approaches the specified minimum yield stress of the pipe material.
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a cancer," Lee proclaimed
a symptom of a problem in the system
A project related problem that needs attention. A defect and its current state, deadline of completion along with any user specified parameters can be entered, monitored and tracked using yKAP.
To injure; to damage.
Defects or damage to restroom surfaces should be reported promptly to supervisors to allow for proper repair and servicing.
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a thing you did that you shouldn't have done
Term used to define an alteration made to the original state of a stamp. ( Cut, thin, crease, hole, missing perforation, etc.)
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Related Article An abnormality in a piece of lumber that lowers its strength and commercial value such as a check or knot.
Any characteristic or condition which tends to weaken or reduce the strength of the tool, object, or structure of which it is a part.
An area of the recording zone which when read prior to any recording, yields an unexpected single amplitude. The ratio of the sum of the time intervals from the beginning to the end of drop-ins on the disk to the total available recording time on the disk.
artifacts identified within existing feature/functionality
issues identified within existing feature/functionality
a physical counterpart to the emotional void that exists in our life
The result of an error, residing in the code or document.
The term “Defect” shall mean programming, design or system errors which substantially impair the performance, utility and functionality of the Customer Web Site as represented in the Design Document.
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An area of bone loss in the jaw.
A condition that materially affects the value or use of residential property in an adverse manner.
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a tear in the order parameter field
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Furniture with defects is sold at half price.
an issue about the home that must be addressed immediately
a structural property of a software document of any kind (e