Definitions for "Characterization"
the method by which an author gives a character "life" by depicting the character's personality
9,10,11,12 The method an author uses to create the appearance and personality of imaginary characters in a piece of fiction; often developed by describing a character's physical appearance, by revealing a character's nature through the character's speech, thoughts, feelings or actions, by using the speech, thoughts, feelings or actions of other characters and by using direct comments from the narrator.
The way the author describes a character.  Direct characterization involves the author telling you what a character is like; indirect characterization is done through dialogue or actions, and is considered the best form of characterization.
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the description of a specific mark or character.
The act of describing a device's behavior through software. In color management, this typically means creating an ICC profile.
A Color Man-agement System (CMS) term that establishes the relationship of your calibrated device to what is referred to as a device independent Reference Color Space or RCS.
Once a defect or yield excursion has been detected, the process or act of identifying and reviewing the defect in order to determine source
Facility or site sampling, monitoring and analysis activities to determine the extent and nature of contamination. Characterization provides the basis for acquiring the necessary technical information to develop, screen, analyze, and select appropriate cleanup techniques.
The process of quantifying the size, shape, orientation, and location of an anomaly, defect, or critical defect after it has been detected. There are many degrees to which characterization can be successful. For example, one type of characterization of a mechanical-damage defect may be to determine whether the defect contains a cold worked region (severe) or not (less severe).
the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features; "the media's characterization of Al Gore as a nerd"
A determination of the chemicals or constituents present in groundwater, soil, or air; how far they extend; and in what concentration.
Precisely deciphering and describing a molecular entity's physical, chemical, and biological properties, as appropriate.
Chemical Process Development Chemical Synthesis and Scale-Up
The intermediate stage of designation in the evolutionary scale, with cue preceding, and specification following; includes the greater part of the everyday use of words; reasonably adequate for the commoner practical purposes.
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Putting together all facets of a character to make that character a living, convincing human being.
The act or process of characterizing.
The process of creating a believable character through inclusion of all character dimensions.
The use of mathematical modeling, design of experiments, or statistical data evaluation to describe the characteristics of a process or environment.
a representation of a person as he might exit in the times and circumstances as presented
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