Definitions for "Dimensions"
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Measurements in length, width and height, regarding cargo.
Size of a phone. Length x Width x Thickness.
Measurements which specify length, height, width (X, Y, Z) of parts and /or assemblies. Dimensions could also include angles, volumes or other measurement systems to define (dimension) a part or assembly.
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Dimensions is a 2002 album by jazz band Octurn. It was recorded at Studio Jet, Brussels from February 12 until February 15, 2002. It is the fifth release compiled in the 11-CD box edited by De Werf the same year.
Dimensions is the second EP release from the Australian rock band Wolfmother. This was the first major release of the track "Love Train".
Dimensions is the upcoming fifth full-length album by the German power metal band Freedom Call. Its tentative release date is April 20, 2007. Stylistically, the album will be close to the Eternity album.
Often refer to the circumference of the barrel and handle as being large, medium or small, relative to other player bats of the era.
An integer vector containing the number of elements within each dimension. For example, if the array was declared (Fortran) as A(10,20), the Dimension vector would contain two entries (10,20).
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See fundamental dimensions.
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Drawing program. Used by NP Graphic artists to create 3-dimensional graphics. This is the application used to create most of the "blow-outs" on regional maps.
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Little Girl Lost
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Planes of existence separate from earth. See Dimensions.
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The dimensions of the unit description
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(levels of existence)