Definitions for "Planes"
are alternate dimensions; a places which can't be reached by traveling in any direction through our normal three-dimensional universe. Most commonly, different planes have changes in their laws of nature (often reflected through development ratings) which means that things which are common on one plane (or in our own universe) may be unusual or impossible in another, or vice versa. See Also: The Continuum, Realm
There are 7 Planes or Dimensions of Existence:  Physical, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhaic. The Physical Plane is the densest plane, while the Buddhaic Plane is the least dense.  The Buddhaic Plane encompasses all Planes, and each Plane encompasses the denser Planes within it, much like spheres within spheres of existence.  The less dense a Plane, the more it permeates the denser Planes, so, for example, the Causal Plane permeates the Astral and Physical, while the Physical does not extend beyond itself (being the densest).  All souls will experience life beyond the Physical Plane on each of these Planes as a means of progressive return to Tao.
The various levels of being and activity - Spiritual, Mental, Astral, Etheric and Physical.
A term for a device that spins very fast and lifts high into the sky, only to explode or burst into a special aerial effect. These are also called helicopters, sky flyers or UFOs.
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referring to the head, the plane of the muzzle and the plane of the top skull
A multi-channel digital effect that causes the displayed images to appear as though they are put on several differently oriented planes (usually intersecting one another).
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Number Specifies the number of bit planes (the depth) of the root window of the default screen.