Definitions for "Vertical"
Perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; upright; plumb; as, a vertical line.
A vertical line, plane, or circle.
Something that is upright like a vertical line.
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Of or pertaining to the vertex; situated at the vertex, or highest point; directly overhead, or in the zenith; perpendicularly above one.
Vertical position; zenith.
At right angle to the normal water level.
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A high obstacle.
A fence consisting of a single vertical element with no spread.
A fence with no spread element. It requires the horse to make a steep arc in its effort to clear the obstacle.
axis measurement – The distance from the midline to the axis point. Also known in some camps as the midplane.
Refers to the alignment of the slats. Vertical blinds are excellent for bay or french doors, sliding glass doors, or oversized windows. They provide excellent ranges of privacy and light control available in an impressively large number of colors.
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A section of a cross-country course where there is an uphill climb.
That part of a wiring grid that connects the host computer or Main Distribution Frame to equipment located on other floors.
A frame oriented with the long side on the vertical. Holding the camera vertically and including foreground, middle ground, and background is an effective way to create a sense of depth. Good vertical compositions are a mark of an accomplished photographer.
The difference in elevation between the summit and base of a ski area.
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