Definitions for "Wise"
Hence, especially, making due use of knowledge; discerning and judging soundly concerning what is true or false, proper or improper; choosing the best ends and the best means for accomplishing them; sagacious.
Hence, prudent; calculating; shrewd; wary; subtle; crafty.
Dictated or guided by wisdom; containing or exhibiting wisdom; well adapted to produce good effects; judicious; discreet; as, a wise saying; a wise scheme or plan; wise conduct or management; a wise determination.
United States Jewish leader (born in Hungary) (1874-1949)
United States religious leader (born in Bohemia) who united reform Jewish organizations in the United States (1819-1900)
Wise (born Leonardo Roman on August 20, 1965 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico), better known to everyone as WISE, to the members of Stetsasonic the world's first hip-hop "band", he was known as the Stetsa-Human Mix Machine. For those that didn't or don't know, this human percussionist was one of the first latino human beatboxes to hit the Hip Hop scene just as the ART OF NOISE was on the rise. On the very first album, which was called ON FIRE, Wise debuted his Human Turntable techinique style of beatboxing on the bands first single called JUST SAY STET b/w ROCK de la STET, which was released in 1985.
an acronym for World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.
an acronym for orld nstitute of cientology nterprises.
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Wide-Field Infrared Space Explorer
Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer
Versed in art or science; skillful; dexterous; specifically, skilled in divination.
Having knowledge; knowing; enlightened; of extensive information; erudite; learned.
Working in the Senate, a program under which public servants from other departments and agencies are seconded to the department to work on committee inquiries and to gain knowledge of the Senate and its operations, which they can apply to the benefit of their organisations on their return.
Women s Initiative for Self Empowerment
evidencing the possession of inside information
carefully considered; "a considered opinion"
Whole Ireland Institute of Special Education
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Way of being or acting; manner; mode; fashion.
a way of doing or being; "in no wise"; "in this wise"
See Wholesale Internet Service Engine.
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able to take a broad view of negotiations between states