Definitions for "Engine"
The words Engine and Pumper commonly refer to a "triple combination pumper" having a firefighting capacity pump (750 gpm or greater), a small water tank (500 gal or less), ground ladders and hose. Some engines carry additional specialized equipment and tools. The Engine's job is to move water from a source such as a hydrant, tanker or pond to the fire scene. If the water is a long way from the fire, several pumpers may be used in a relay to pump the water to the scene. This happens frequently in rural areas where there are few (or no) water mains and hydrants. The main water source in these areas is local ponds and streams. Taking water from a pond or stream for firefighting is called drafting. A Midi Pumper is built on a smaller chassis. It has all of the capabilities of a regular Engine, usually with a smaller crew. In Rochester, a Midi is run as part of a two-piece company on most fires. Area departments use Midis for EMS calls and small fires. They are used as part of the regular assignment to structure fires as well. Some departments (like North Greece) refer to their Midi Pumpers as Attack Pumpers. (see Quad, Quint, Pumper-Tanker, Tanker)
A mobile piece of fire equipment which carries water, fire hose and a fire pump. Sometimes called a "pumper." The Engine is the basic piece of fire apparatus. Several different types of engines exist. (See Type I, Type II and Type III Engines.)
A fire truck or pumper which carries a crew of four, plus equipment, water and pump.
A compound machine by which any physical power is applied to produce a given physical effect.
a device which produces an output different from a given input; in that broad meaning, the term engine encompasses mechanical engines (which convert energy of a fuel or some type of mechanical motion into energy of the desired mechanical motion, e.g. steam engine or combustion engine) as well as computing engines (which convert input data into the desired output data, e.g. search engine or rendering engine). physical quantity symbol: SI units: [] = J/mol enthalpy : a thermodynamic quantity equal to sum of the internal energy () plus external energy, i.e. the product of its volume () and pressure (), of a thermodynamic system
The methanol or gasoline fueled power plant used in a model. Two or four-stroke gasoline and glow engines are very popular in aircraft. Four-stroke engines tend to turn higher diameter lower pitch props, and therefore tend to be used in applications requiring more torque and less speed response.
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Champ Cars use engines from Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda and Toyota. These tiny engines are 2.65-liter overhead-cam turbocharged V-8s producing approximately 850 horsepower at 15,000 rpm. Teams lease their engines from the manufacturers, who maintain them with a team of their own technicians at the track and in their factories. Specific details of the engines are tightly guarded secrets.
A loose term used for the aero-engine which provides the motive power for any flying machine or airship. Aero-engines are both liquid-cooled and air-cooled. The former have less drag, the latter need less maintenance because of the absence of "plumbing." The most common types of air-cooled aero-engines are the radial and the in-line, although there are also some Vee-types and H-types. The most common types of liquid-cooled aero-engines are the Upright and Inverted Vees, although there are some X-types and H-types. Examples of common types are: Category Air-cooled Liquid-cooled Radial Bristol Pegasus - In-line Gipsy Major - Upright-Vee - Rolls-Royce Merlin Inverted-Vee Gipsy Twelve Daimler-Benz DB.601 H-type Napier Dagger Napier Sabre X-type - Rolls-Royce Vulture Most aero-engines run on the petrol four-stroke cycle, but there are some modified Diesel-type engines, notably in German seaplanes.
a major part of a new car, it is not going to be cheap
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A piece of software; notionally, one that perfoms a lot of complicated calculations and operations "behind the scenes", such as a "database engine", or "search engine".
a software program that performs an essential function (e
a component of SAS software that reads from or writes to a file. Each engine enables SAS to access files that are in a particular format. There are several types of engines.
A processor or component that determines how the application manages and manipulates data. Three examples of specific types of engines used by Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) Speech Engine Services (SES) are:• Prompt Engine• Speech Recognition Engine• TTS Engine
The software used to perform speech recognition or text-to-speech functions. Usually used with reference to proxy software and systems. See also Proxy Text-to-Speech (PTTS) and Natural Language Speech Recognition (NLSR).
When referring to software, a program that performs some kind of intricate data manipulation. i.e. a search engine
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A Restlet Engine is an implementation of the Restlet API. The reference implementation, provided by Noelios Consulting, is therefore called the Noelios Restlet Engine (NRE).
One of two eTPU execution engines in a typical eTPU implementation. Each engine has its own ALU, registers, and channel hardware. Two engines share code memory, parameter ram, and the interface to the host.
A dream of contrary. The harder or faster the machinery in your dream was working the more the setbacks you may expect along your chosen path.
To dream of an engine, denotes you will encounter grave difficulties and journeys, but you will have substantial friends to uphold you. Disabled engines stand for misfortune and loss of relatives.
The Roleplaying Engine is the complete experience - module and gm and location and props and player interaction and teamwork and mutual storytelling; trust and alertness and support and shared vision. It helps us remember that we can never judge the worth of a module in isolation, but have to consider everyone's collective imput.
a dedicated one, it shouldn't be a lot, but remember that the rest of the GPU has to process all of these additional pixels as well
Anything used to effect a purpose; any device or contrivance; a machine; an agent.
Any instrument by which any effect is produced; especially, an instrument or machine of war or torture.
(Pronounced, in this sense, ?????.) To rack; to torture.
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Engine is the second album by American Music Club. It was jointly released by Frontier and Grifter in the US in 1987, then by Zippo in the UK and Europe in 1990. The 1998 Warner Brothers reissue added three additional tracks from the same period.
Software that powers the entire game
The software driving a given aspect of the game. All games have a graphics engine - the game software controlling display. Increasingly, many games are also compartmentalising other aspects of the game as well, such as physics.
Engine is a reference to the application that is used to power a game. In todays games there is generally one primary engine (The graphics engine) and a few smaller engines that power other aspects of the game (AI, Sound). People refer to the whole product as the engine.
Application Framework for rapid site building, based on PHP/MySQL/Smarty/Pear/xHTML/CSS. CMS Portal included, with modules content, admin, news, etc... Fully customizable templates / styles / themes.
a template / shell that contains an interaction or activity for any content.
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a giant airpump
a giant heart, a crane a giant arm
A component that performs work
a complex component that requires a high degree of technical knowledge to install
The component in a system responsible for the delivery of content.
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To assault with an engine.
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a proven class winner - having won the JEC Saloon Class A title last year and currently leading this years title race
an amazingly complicated system and whenever you mess with one variable, you invariably will affect another one
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a specialized processor and the faster it runs, the quicker the job gets done
a system designed by a genius (in this case God) to be run by idiots (in this case us, His people)
An engine is a continuation-based construct that provides timed preemption. Engines which can contain other engines are sometimes called nesters and engines which don't have this ability are then called flat engines. To implement timed preemption there needs to be a clock.
In the case of your positioning report, we'll often use the word engine generically to indicate any type of search engine whether it be a directory based engine, a crawler based engine, or as is more common today, a hybrid engine which combines elements from both.
This term is used to describe a external or internal search engine.
See Search Engine
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a lot better than the original BK Enigma
a much better platform to modify than a gs-t
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a rigid body, but skin, muscles, and arteries are not," Yelick says
a full digital video processing technology that delivers superb picture quality from any video source
a structure built from a source code
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a kind of module that Gnome can load to do theme drawing
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the rider.
a collection of inanimate parts designed by someone to work together for a single purpose
The JavaScript engine is an interpreter that parses and executes a JavaScript program.
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a dynamic system, not a bunch of static parts
an advanced picture quality system that integrates a host of unique technologies and circuitry to enable full, precise digital image processing
an abstraction that contains all of the pieces that go together to run a robot, including the simulator (if using one), world file, configuration information, robot, etc
Common term applied to mean "locomotive," but properly only the cylinders and their drivers.
An engine is something that produces an effect from a given input. The origin of engineering was the working of engines. There is an overlap in English between two meanings of the word "engineer": 'those who operate engines' and 'those who design and construct new items'.
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a "fix-it" ticket, or pay a fine
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To equip with an engine; -- said especially of steam vessels; as, vessels are often built by one firm and engined by another.
Code, usually grouped into one or more classes, that performs a specific function. Examples are graphics engine, combat engine, etc.
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Fast History Japanese
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Natural capacity; ability; skill.
A program that processes scripts or data and outputs the processed content.
something used to achieve a purpose; "an engine of change"
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See Shared Variable Engine.
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See database engine.