Definitions for "Tanker"
Keywords:  bulk, cargo, crude, ship, haul
Water dropping fixed wing aircraft. These come in various sizes and capabilities. These are provided on a reimbursement basis from California Department of Forestry, US Forest Service and private contractors.
An oceangoing ship designed to haul liquid bulk cargo in world trade.
A vessel that carries bulk liquid.
an aircraft used for in-flight refueling
an airplane designed for in-flight refuelling
"Tanker" is the debut album by New Zealand band, Bailter Space, released in 1988. It features more minimalist playing and a less claustrophobic/dense overall sound than the band's later releases. The hyperkinetic song "Grader Spader" was released as a 12" single/EP.
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a Hero's Hero
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a soldier who drives a tank
a group of Barrels with the capability of inserting new Barrels
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a better controller than a controller
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a bit in between