Definitions for "Liner"
A flexible sleeve in the milking teat cup or rigid-walled liner holder. Responsible for massaging the teat end and intermittantly cutting vacuum at the teat end during milking. Also called inflation.
In packaging, a layer of cork, composition, paper, or some similar material held in a closure to provide a sealing surface against the finish of a container.
A continuous barrier that covers all the earth likely to be in contact with a source so that hazardous substances or leachate containing hazardous substances would not migrate to the surrounding earth. The barrier may be synthetic material (e.g., a thick, continuous polyethylene membrane) or engineered, compacted natural material (e.g., re - worked and low permeability clay). However, an in - situ clay layer that has not been re - engineered by compaction or other methods is not considered a liner.
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Laid inside a nappy to catch poo and keep babies skin feeling dry. Some liners are flushable, and others are reusable and get washed with cloth nappies. Generally a liner should not be absorbent as you want the moisture to wick thru to the absorbent layer of the nappy.
a piece of polyester fleece that helps to keep baby's skin drier
There are two types of liners. 1) Fleece liners: these are not absorbent or disposable, but can be used inside a diaper to wick moisture away from baby's skin or to keep diaper creams off the diaper. 2) Flushable liners: these are biodegradable paper, like thick toilet paper but they don't disintegrate in moisture like TP would. These liners are used to make poopy diaper cleanup easier, but as a drawback they can press wetness against the baby's skin.
An airplane or ship belonging to a transportation company;
a line-of-battle ship; a ship of the line.
a large passenger ship
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See Vinyl liner.
This is a very popular and cost effective way of pool finishing. This is vinyl and can come in many different thicknesses. Click here to view our range of Swimming Pool Liners.
A vinyl sheet that goes under a water mattress. Used to prevent water escaping the bed if a leak occurs.
A paper or film that is a carrier for pressure sensitive labels. Typically, it has a silicone coating to allow easy removal of the label.
Also known as backing. A layer of paper or film that protects the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing of an item until it is ready to be applied (or stuck). A silicone coating on the liner provides the typical easy removal of the liner.
the component of the pressure sensitive construction that functions as a carrier for the pressure sensitive facestock.
n: 1. a string of pipe used to case open hole below existing casing. A liner extends from the setting depth up into another string of casing, usually overlapping about 100 feet (30.5 meters) above the lower end of the intermediate or the oil string. Liners are nearly always suspended from the upper string by a hanger device. 2. a relatively short length of pipe with holes or slots that is placed opposite a producing formation. Usually, such liners are wrapped with specially shaped wire that is designed to prevent the entry of loose sand into the well as it is produced. They are also often used with a gravel pack. 3. in jet perforation guns, a conically shaped metallic piece that is part of a shaped charge. It increases the efficiency of the charge by increasing the penetrating ability of the jet. 4. a replaceable tube that fits inside the cylinder of an engine or a pump. See cylinder liner.
Any string of casing whose top is located below the surface.
A length of casing suspended from the base of a previously installed casing string (a liner does not extend back to the surface of the well).
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A ball which, when struck, flies through the air in a nearly straight line not far from the ground; also called line drive; as, he hit a sharp liner to right.
(baseball) a hit that flies straight out from the batter; "the batter hit a liner to the shortstop"
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Something, particularly a material, that fits inside of something else to cover the interior surface.
A specialized range hood that is designed specifically to fit inside of a wood hood or other enclosure.
a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment
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Same as eyeliner.
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A lining within the cylinder, in which the piston works and between which and the outer shell of the cylinder a space is left to form a steam jacket.
This is the soft boot which sits inside the outer shell of the ski or snowboard boot and holds the foot.
noun The inner boot of a skate that cushions and supports foot and ankle.
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A slab on which small pieces of marble, tile, etc., are fastened for grinding.
A lining; as, a removable coat liner.
An additional sheet or sheets of material forming part of the rupture disc assembly or holder. (not a coating)
Low-Ionization Nuclear Emission-line Region, gaseous regions common in the centers of many kinds of galaxies. Some of these have been shown to be low-luminosity active galactic nuclei, perhaps an extension of Seyfert activity to the lowest levels and implying that the whole phenomenon of nuclear activity occurs in a significant fraction of bright galaxies.
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a good choice anytime the porcelain on the tub and the grout on the tile walls are showing wear
a stainless steel tube inserted into a chimney to draft an appliance , furnace , woodstove or fireplace
a steel rod with a very thin, slightly rounded end, that is used to create the initial lines on the metal
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A part of the round brush family, a fine pointed brush with long, thin bristles used to create flowing lines.
brush that is round used to create straight or curved lines with consistency.
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a big and nearly unaffordable purchase for me
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A piece of written text that the DJ says over the intro of a song or between spots and songs. Liners are designed to invoke the imagination.
Packaging board used as a surface layer on corrugated board or strong cartonboards
a soft interface between the stump and socket
An interior part of a knife frame located between the handle and blade edge (when closed) used to prevent damage, usually made of a soft metal that resists corrosion. Click here for illustration
A protective envelope for a phonograph record or other object.
Filter parts that provide protection and support for the filter media. ( 070)
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a needle or group of needles used to create the outline of a tattoo
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A thin piece placed between two parts to hold or adjust them, fill a space, etc.; a shim.
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A coin that is on the cusp between two different grades. A 4/5 liner is a coin that is either a high-end MS/PR-64 or a minimum-standard MS/PR-65. See Also --   high end  premium quality
Shaped to produce continuous lines without reloading, it offers great control for architectural renderings and lettering.
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ocean liner
Is a generic term for any paper that functions as a covering for other paper or board material through adhesion, making it a part of the finished product.
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One who lines, as, a liner of shoes or clothing.
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A face card. [Because you can see a line when the card is face down and the lower right corner is lifted].
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a young plant (one or two years old) sold to be 'lined out' in the field
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See Release liner.
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See backing.
A lining{2}.