Definitions for "Spacers"
Spacers are used to keep the steel cage centered in the drilled shaft and insure proper concrete cover. The spacers should be concrete wheels o other approved non-corrosive spacing.
Small blocks of composition, wood, rubber, etc., placed on each side of lites or panels to center them in the channel and maintain uniform width of sealant beads. Use of spacers prevents distorting the sealant excessively.
Flat-sided, light metal rings of different thickness, which are positioned inside of the front wheels on the spindle. By varying the number of spacers, one can set the width of the front track of the kart, which in turns affects handling.
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Used with mounting brackets to give more room between mounting surfaces and the blinds; used when installing a blind over raised molding, especially with door mounts; only for use with outside mounting
cross-shaped plastic pieces that are used in installation to evenly separate tile. Manufactured in various thicknesses and shapes.
Cross, tee-shaped, and y-shaped plastic pieces used during installation to separate tile on walls and floors. Manufactured in various thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/2"
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A plastic, usually tubular device that is attached to pressurized meter dose inhalers (MDIs). The medicine is sprayed into the spacer, then immediately breathed in. A spacer makes it easier to time the inhalation, gets more medicine into the lungs and less in the mouth, and can reduce certain side effects, such as a sore throat.
Spacers or holding chambers are tubes of different sizes that attach to metered-dose inhalers making it easier to take inhaled/aerosol medication. They are helpful to those who have problems in coordinating their puffers with breathing and decrease the amount of drug left in the mouth which can lead to side effects, e.g. thrush from inhaled steroids.
To ensure that every one of our New-tech (NT) necks fits into the specially cut pockets in the guitar at the same precise angle, we laser-cut wooden "spacers" in increments of two-thousandths of an inch both for the fingerboard extension and the heel. First, a Taylor-designed digital neck gauge is used to pinpoint which spacer increment is called for by measuring the relationship of the pocket to the top of the bridge. Next, the appropriate spacer is chosen from a rack of spacers, and is placed in the pocket (it slides into place and is secured without any glue). After the guitar leaves our factory, a repairperson can use different spacers to micro-adjust the action to the player's playing style or preference in a matter of minutes, and to accommodate changes in humidity while a player is on the road.
Components designed to protect fragile materials at contact points between the material and the fastener.
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They keep your bearings from grinding.