Definitions for "Flooring"
It is an interior pedestrian wearing surface by stones.
A tongue and grooved piece of wood lumber used in constructing a floor.
Floorings in PVC or carpet
A platform; the bottom of a room; a floor; pavement. See Floor, n.
The top layer of wood in the bottom of the lock.
Various types of flooring are used in clean rooms, depending upon cleanliness levels. Contamination control flooring may have a tacky finish to trap dust and other debris from wheels and shoes. Access flooring consists of solid or perforated panels or raised pedestals. Air can flow through perforated panels and can be exhausted in a sub-floor area.
Material for the construction of a floor or floors.
The design of a floor in a building or mezzanine is an important ingredient in the reliability and safety of that building or mezzanine. Worker-friendly floors are imperative if ergonomic considerations are to be addressed. The strength and stability of the floor is an important consideration as the floor must adequately support the machinery and moving vehicles utilized in the material handling system.
building material used in laying floors
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That part of the bridge which directly receives the travel. (Plate IL, Fig. 13.)
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See "Confinement Mesh".