Definitions for "Confinement"
Restraint within limits; imprisonment; any restraint of liberty; seclusion.
Restraint within doors by sickness, esp. that caused by childbirth; lying-in.
(con·fine·ment) NOUN: The act of holding a person against his or her will; the state of being held against ones will. To imprison or to be imprisoned. People with disabilities have historically been confined in various sorts of institutions.
Livestock kept in corrals or housing for maximum year-round production. Facilities may be partial or complete, usually with a solid floor and enclosed, or covered.
means a Covered Person’s admission to a Hospital for 14 hours or more as an overnight bed patient for which a charge is made for room and board. It does not include admission to a swing-bed program or a similar arrangement.
An uninterrupted stay following formal admission to a hospital or skilled nursing facility. It starts with the admission and ends the day the covered person is discharged from the hospital or skilled nursing facility.
In order for significant thermonuclear energy production, the fuel must remained confined for a sufficiently long time (at both a high enough temperature and density) so that a large number of nuclear fusion reactions will occur. For inertial confinement, this time is less than a nanosecond. For the magnetic confinement, this time ranges from seconds to an eventual goal of hours.
The strategy employed in appropriate management responses where a fire perimeter is managed by a combination of direct and indirect actions and use of natural topographic features, fuel, and weather factors.
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keeping large numbers of chickens or other animals in small cages or pens inside buildings.
The property of the strong interactions that quarks or gluons are never found separately but only inside color-neutral composite objects.
Allowing a borrowed program to have access to data, while ensuring that the program cannot release the information.
Actions taken to keep a material in a defined or local area after it is released.
Firefighting operations required to prevent fire from extending to uninvolved areas or to other structures. Those procedures taken to keep a material in a defined or local area once released.
preventing an object from leaking capabilities and/or information
The prevention of the leaking of sensitive data from a program.
a difficult affair and sometimes fatal, but in the case of which I am telling you every indication was favourable, and there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of
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the state of being locked up or in prison
To secure an area from other areas, as when drying out a structure or performing abatement, to confine a room or rooms from the balance of the structure.
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the state of being confined; "he was held in confinement"
An animal is kept within buildings during all stages of production.