Definitions for "balance"
Equipoise between the weights in opposite scales.
The state of being in equipoise; equilibrium; even adjustment; steadiness.
The harmonious relationship between acids, alcohols, fruit, tannin and other natural elements.
An apparatus for weighing.
Act of weighing mentally; comparison; estimate.
A balance wheel, as of a watch, or clock. See Balance wheel (in the Vocabulary).
When a car doesn't tend to oversteer or understeer, but goes around the racetrack as if its on rails, it's said to be in balance.
The degree to which a car has understeer or oversteer in a corner.
A balanced car goes around the racetrack as if its on rails. It doesn't oversteer or understeer. This balance is what the pit crew strives for.
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An equality between the sums total of the two sides of an account; as, to bring one's accounts to a balance; -- also, the excess on either side; as, the balance of an account.
To settle and adjust, as an account; to make two accounts equal by paying the difference between them.
To make the sums of the debits and credits of an account equal; -- said of an item; as, this payment, or credit, balances the account.
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Balance is the tenth studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1995. To date, it is the final Van Halen album of new material featuring singer Sammy Hagar, who later left the band after long-standing personal and musical disagreements, most notably surrounding the lyrics to the song "Humans Being" for the soundtrack to the film, Twister.
Balance is Canadian rap group Swollen Members debut album. It was released on the Battleaxe Records label. It has sold more then 50,000 copies since its release.
Balance was an early-1980s pop/rock group fronted by Peppy Castro, formerly of Blues Magoos. Other members included guitarist Bob Kulick, noted arranger and keyboardist Doug Katsaros, drummer Chuck Burgi, and bassist Dennis Feldman.
The constellation Libra.
The seventh sign in the Zodiac, called Libra, which the sun enters at the equinox in September.
(astrology) a person who is born while the sun in in Libra
To compare in relative force, importance, value, etc.; to estimate.
equal strength provided to both left and right stereo channels.
To distribute two channels of a stereo clip between the left and right channels. See also pan.
A biological system that enables people to sense where their bodies are and to maintain a desired position. Normal balance depends on information from the labyrinth of the inner ear, and from other senses such as sight and touch.
biological system that enables individuals to know where their bodies are in the environment and to maintain a desired position; normal balance depends on information from the labyrinth in the inner ear, and from other senses such as sight and touch, as well as from muscle movement.
A biological system that enables us to know where our bodies are in the environment and to maintain a desired position. Normal balance depends on information from the inner ear, other senses (such as sight and touch) and muscle movement. See the entire definition of Balance
a universal force which serves a purpose higher than that of the Gods. The Balance consists of two parts: Order and Chaos. The human concept of tao (Balance), yin (Chaos) and yang (Order) clearly illustrates this force.
In the metaphysical or conceptual sense, balance is used to mean a point between two opposite forces that is desirable over purely one state or the other, such as a balance between the metaphysical Law and Chaos — law by itself being overly controlling, chaos being overly unmanageable, balance being the point that minimizes the negatives of both.
Balance is a German animated film, released in 1989. It was directed and produced by twin brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein.
The Balance in the computer adventure game The Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall, is a doctrine, according to which the two twin worlds, Arcadia and Stark, remain separated after being Divided.
This tasting term applies to coffees where no single characteristic overshadows the other and displays sufficient complexity to be interesting.
Tasting term applied to coffees for which no single characteristic overwhelms others.
The description of a coffee cup in which no characteristic overcomes the others. It is the combination which is pleasant and interesting
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a method of accounting for something (here mass or material)
An instrument for measuring mass.
An instrument that measures mass, consisting of a central pivot, a horizontal beam, and two scales.
sheet: A component of financial statements which sets forth the assets, liabilities and net worth of an individual or business entity at a given point in time. Also referred to as a "Statement of Condition".
The material ("component") making up the majority of a gas mixture. The balance may be either gas or liquid phase. The balance may also be a mixture (i.e. air). If the mixture is entirely gas phase, the balance is referred to as the balance gas.
The intelligent approach to reading practice informed by scientific research. Balance involves a program that combines skills involving phonological awareness and decoding with language and literature-rich activities. An informed approach to reading instruction begins in pre-kindergarten and continues as long as necessary until the child is a fluent reader. Essential components of effective literacy instruction are phonological awareness, print awareness, alphabetic and orthographic awareness, comprehension strategies, fluency, accuracy, and reading practice.
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To contract, as a sail, into a narrower compass; as, to balance the boom mainsail.
Set up and trim of all equipment and the sails so that there is a slight weather helm.
Hoppiness versus maltiness -The complexity of their interaction, and a measure of the brewer's art.
The position taken by the dog, at an appropriate distance from the stock, which enables the dog to control the direction of the stock and to cover any attempts by the stock to break away.
the positioning of "third defenders" in such a manner that the defensive team maintains their shape and effectiveness. Generally the shape of the defense is intended to eliminate an easy pass by your opponent, and to eliminate a kick upfield to a advantgeous position for your opponent.
the blend and positioning of voices, instruments, or other sounds in a musical work or performance
Balance is a simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms. Via shared memory its behaviour can be controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.
When a negative value is opposed by a positive value, with a neutral value between. As one of these values increases, the other values decrease while retaining the entity of the whole balance scale, like going Up-Down on a seesaw with a person standing between. The parts change, but not the whole.
The term used in water chemistry to indicate that when measuring all components together, the water is neither scaling nor corrosive.
A pair of scales
herbicide; active ingredient: isoxaflutole; main applications: corn, sugar cane
The change in the position of the pointer from zero when the axis of the moving element moves from the vertical position to the horizontal position. The balance is expressed as percentage of the scale length.
( link / ) Also called game balance, the idea that all PCs should start the game at the same power level and that enemies and challenges should be appropriate to that power level. Can also apply to other game elements, such as monsters and items. Elements that are not balanced are often referred to as being broken; nerfing broken elements is a way to make them balanced again.
Balance is the relationship between elements in the landscape. Balance can be formal or informal. Formal balance would usually mean that one side of the landscape is a mirror of the other, while informal balance is when plant sizes and numbers are only relatively similar on both sides.
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The consistency of aroma to flavor to body.
Just the right flavor, aroma and body extracted from the beans.
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The allocation of effort among your top-level goals, represented by the pie charts in the Balance section of the software. The difference between the desired balance and the actual balance contributes to calculations of priority.
The net value of an account. Cable: Term used to describe the exchange rate between the US dollar and the British Pound Daily Charts : Charts that encapsulate the daily price movement for the currency pair traded. Since the currency market operates 24 hours a day, the daily chart typically runs from 5 PM New York time to the same time on the following day.
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a theory of list management that stresses an even and varied distribution of picks, e.g. at least one rock star on drugs, one dictator who came to power in a coup, one world leader under stress, one race car driver, etc.
To even the distribution of files between volumes of a domain.
To rearrange a binary search tree (see binary search tree) so that it has its minimum possible height (see height), approximately the binary logarithm of its number of nodes.
Bank Bankrupt Borrower
A rare occurrence among most Sales Associates, this is the process of determining if what you put in the bank is greater than what you try to take out. This should be done each time a deposit is made, or a check is written. See Bookkeeper.
objects arranged around a central point to achieve a pleasing result
The arrangement of objects around an epicenter, or creating an even feel or atmosphere in a room.
in an indexing method, having the subcollections identified by index terms be of approximately uniform size.
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the ability of the horse to move in a correct and balanced manner when being worked, whether carrying a rider or not; ability of the rider to remain in balance with the horse without upsetting its natural rhythm
This is the balance reflected on the statement when the enquiry is taken and excludes accrued interest.
Proportionate number of plants to maintain healthy pond water.
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A step, together, hold
a five-step learning process that models the lesson plan most often used by effective teachers
The act of remaining centered and in control over ones skates whether standing still or in motion.
an essential ingredient for establishing and maintaining lasting health and well-being
the result of well blended scents
Where appropriate, content that fairly and accurately presents the benefits and risks of potential actions or recognizes different and valid perspectives on an issue.
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a dual WAN router that provides high availability www
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Bonus pool Budget Summary
Whereby in Natural Ecosystems, Decomposition balances Production.
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107m -- See also: Covenant
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magazine published by Diabetes UK.
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Stability between the front and rear brakes.
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(1) (verb) take a balancing action.(2) (noun) a balancing action.
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10% Faster Hit Recovery
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To support on a narrow base, so as to keep from falling; as, to balance a plate on the end of a cane; to balance one's self on a tight rope.
Used to describe the concurrent presence of coverage by a team in all important areas of the field of play. See shape.
To move toward, and then back from, reciprocally; as, to balance partners.
To move toward a person or couple, and then back.
(mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact correspondence of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane
A player is in balance if, at the point of release, they are able to complete their follow through without falling off to one side; generally means that the release and slide are simultaneous.
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a means of judging or deciding.
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a compromise in one area or another
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How a stick feels in the hand, it should feel light and easy to use, with the head not too top heavy.
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(v.) To dial a combination 1 number high and 1 number low to verify a correct combination setting. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
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a perfect opener
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sheet: A financial statement that shows assets, liabilities, and net worth as of a specific date. Professional opinion or estimate of the market value of a property
Each person in the conversation takes about the same number of talking and action turns.
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a fully integrated solution
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A movement in dancing. See Balance, v. t., 8.
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an investment and given proper care, it should last a very long time
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See Net Termination Balance.