Definitions for "Pivot"
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A fixed pin or short axis, on the end of which a wheel or other body turns.
The end of a shaft or arbor which rests and turns in a support; as, the pivot of an arbor in a watch.
Hence, figuratively: A turning point or condition; that on which important results depend; as, the pivot of an enterprise.
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(n.) A particular element of a matrix during some algorithm. Many matrix algorithms need carefully chosen pivots to improve their numerical accuracy and stability. Pivoting involves arranging that the pivotal element has an appropriate numerical value by reordering and/or swapping rows and columns in the matrix.
Pivot has two meanings: A pivot of a matrix which has been reduced to echelon form is the leading non-zero element in each row. (We also refer to the pivots of a matrix which has not been reduced, referring implicitly to its echelon form.) When performing Gaussian Reduction on a matrix, reducing it to echelon form or reduced echelon form, the act of pivoting is to perform a row swap (partial pivoting) or both a row and a column swap (total pivoting), in order to bring as large an element as possible into the pivot position. This can reduce accumulated error when performing numerical operations on large matrices. Synonyms: Related
Also Rotate. An OLAP function. It is an operation whereby the the dimensional orientation of a report or page display is changed. For example, pivoting may consist of swapping the rows and columns, or moving one of the row dimensions into the column dimension, or swapping an off-spreadsheet dimension with one of the dimensions in the page display (either to become one of the new rows or columns), etc. A specific example of the first case would be taking a report that has Time across (the columns) and Products down (the rows) and rotating it into a report that has Product across and Time down. An example of the second case would be to change a report which has Measures and Products down and Time across into a report with Measures down and Time over Products across. An example of the third case would be taking a report that has Time across and Product down and changing it into a report that has Time across and Geography down.
The central colour band within a tartan design where the pattern reverses and repeats
Pivot is a United States rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina featuring Brian Kelly on vocals, Eric Hambright on guitar, Mike Hambright on bass, and Phil Cicco on drums.
Pivot is a post-rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band incorporates elements of rock and electronics. Laurence Pike is also the founder of the group Triosk, and records with Savath and Savalas.
Pivot is a tool to create weblogs, without the need of a database. Pivot is easy to setup, easy to maintain and even easier to work with. All data is stored using flat files. MySQL or other databases are not required, just plain PHP.
verb, noun A trick or part of a trick where the truck touches the top of the lip or coping for just a moment before reentry.
noun: a woman, usually a friend, used in social situations to help one meet other women. A pivot serves many functions: she provides social proof, she can create jealousy in the target, she can make it easier to open difficult sets, and she can brag about the pickup artist to his target. Also: wingwoman.
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Price level established as being significant by market's failure to penetrate or as being significant when a sudden increase in volume accompanies the move through the price level.
Pivot is a casual card game released by Wizards of the Coast in 1998. The game was designed by André Franҫois. Pivot, along with Alpha Blitz, Go Wild!, and Twitch, were part of a move by Wizards of the Coast to diversify beyond their core property.
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a hinge (one of our joints) around which our muscles (force) and our body weight (load) work.
n. a hinge with a fixed pin and knuckle, forming a single joint
1: Any hinge on a full suspension bike. 2: Usually, the fewer pivots the better, as they reduce lateral stiffness and often require maintenance.
To drag an item from one axis to the other (crosstabs only), or from an axis to the Page item box. A side axis item becomes a top axis item or a page item or vice versa. Pivoting enables you to display the data more compactly and show relationships between items more clearly.
A 15-year study to see if men with localized prostate cancer who are assigned to watchful waiting do as well as men treated with surgery.
Pivot (2000) is an album by the American experimental pop music group Amoeba. The style of this album is similar to that of Amoeba’s previous album Watchful (1997) except with a somewhat more active and direct approach. The lyrics are also more literal and emotional than those of Watchful.
a HB , usually an LJBF , whose primary purpose is to build your reputation
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the person in a rank around whom the others wheel and maneuver
a large sprinkler system that walks around the field dropping water on the crops
An offensive player who plays largely around the six-metre line; also called a "line player".
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an essential skill for skating a wide exit /narrow entry track, a narrow/narrow track, and for tight passing
This is what the Greek astrologers called an angular house.
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a bar that has one bar on each side, lower or higher than the middle bar - very simple
a point where the price bars change direction
a data mining option typically used to transform large amounts data into a condensed list
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a synonym for post
a specific point - in terms of time and price - when a shift in balance has occurred between buyers and sellers
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See Door Pivot.
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To place on a pivot.