Definitions for "Alley-oop"
When a trick is performed in the opposite direction of which the skater is moving.
A term used to describe any maneuver in the halfpipe where one rotates 180 or more degrees in the uphill direction; that is, rotating backside on the frontside wall or rotating frontside on the backside wall.
When transfering from one ramp to another, you turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Axle Slip Slipage of the truck axle through the truck making one wheel loose and the other wheel very tight. This type of movement damages bearings and can be caused by poor truck design and failure to fit bearing spacers in the wheels.
Keywords:  midair, lobs, teammate, basket, catches
When a player lobs a pass above the basket and a teammate catches it in midair and puts it in the basket on the way down.
Keywords:  dunked, laid, mid, touches, ground
A pass that is received in mid-air and dunked or laid-up before the player touches the ground.