Definitions for "Uphill"
Keywords:  upward, hill, hillside, slope, incline
Upwards on, or as on, a hillside; as, to walk uphill.
the upward slope of a hill
sloping upward
Keywords:  arriba, cuesta
cuesta arriba
hard to overcome or surmount; "a stiff hike"; "a stiff exam"; "an uphill battle against a popular incumbant"
Viewing perspective found in some vertscrollers, in which the background plane is “tilted” towards the player, which gives the effect that the onscreen craft is moving “uphill,” instead of flying parallel over a flat area.
Keywords:  outdraw, chase, try, better, hand
To chase or try to outdraw a better hand.
Keywords:  ascending, road, going
Ascending; going up; as, an uphill road.
Keywords:  talking, difficulties
against difficulties; "she was talking uphill"
Keywords:  attended, labor, difficult, work
Attended with labor; difficult; as, uphill work.