Definitions for "Skating"
Keywords:  skier, snowboard, ski, pushes, backward
A collection of divergent ski techniques where the skier pushes each ski to the side and not directly backwards.
Pushing off with one ski and sliding with the other to move along a flat surface.
Pushing the snowboard with your back foot on the ground and your foot in the binding.
A common fallacy is that the goaltender can get by with merely adequate skating, and oftentimes young players are placed in net due to their poor skating. In fact, the goaltender must be one of the best technical skaters on the team, and must be able to keep up with the moves of every skater on opposing teams. In particular, goaltenders must be adept at lateral skating and quick pivoting.
Beginners to experts will develop better dynamic balance, stance, lower body alignment and movement from turn to turn. Even rudimentary skating by beginners promotes great proactive balancing skills.
Skating refers to the tendency of metal bits to spin away from the intended hole center due to the blunted tip. Can also be referred to as "Walking"
on uppers: walking on shoes from which heels and soles are worn
This condition occurs when a meth user takes a hit every few hours, sustaining their high over a period of days, or sometimes weeks. Users are prone to "scatter" during these prolonged highs.
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the sport of gliding on skates