Definitions for "Bindings"
Keywords:  boot, wakeboard, snowboard, ski, rider
They are the "boots" of a wakeboard mounted onto the board.
A set of ski fastenings for holding the boot firmly on the ski.
They are the footstraps or "shoes" of a wakeboard. Screwed onto the board.
A term generally used in the antiquarian book world to mean Fine Bindings, of which there are numerous styles. A highly collectible and generally expensive category. Some examples of fine binding styles are Antique, Cambridge Style, La Greque, Dos-A-Dos, Etruscan, and Spanish Calf.
An oath sworn to a planar power, which is sealed with the life essence of the swearer. If a binding is broken, regardless of the reason, than the persona is immediately severed. Bindings are not lightly entered into, but are what is required to gain magic outside of the Royal Library or for Archmages.
A hardcover trade is a cloth or hardbound edition that is intended for an adult and is available to the trade. A hardcover text is a cloth or hardbound edition that is intended for an educational or classroom setting and is sold through educational market channels. These same definitions apply to paperback bindings.
The cover of an illuminated book, made from embossed, tooled or stamped leather, cloth or other material.
A tagged list of commands linked to a component. All the commands are executed every time the component data change.