Definitions for "Antiquarian"
Loosely, old; a distinction isn't always made between books that are out of print, books that are rare, and books that are simply secondhand, but the use of “antiquarian” implies that they are collectible. The antiquarian work may be acquired purely as an object of beauty, while the secondhand book may be bought for the pleasure of reading, regardless of its looks.
A collector of old, rare, out-of-print books.
an expert or collector of antiquities
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A drawing paper of large size. See under Paper, n.
Largest size of hand made paper - 53 x 31 in.
The largest available handmade paper (53 x 31 inches).
of or relating to persons who study or deal in antiques or antiquities
One who collects or studies antiquities.
One who studies the past as a hobby rather than as a profession.
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Pertaining to antiquaries, or to antiquity; as, antiquarian literature.
An antiquary.
1350 x 730