Definitions for "Book club"
a club that traditionally sends you books from your favorite genre every month
an enterprise, as is a rites of passage group
an interesting and informative way to meet and get to know your Harvard Club colleagues
a community of readers that meets regularly to share and discuss their feelings, ideas, questions, and predictions that emerge from the reading of selected literature
a great idea
a great place for you to meet other people who share your interest in books
Keywords:  they've, excellent, learn, read, way
an excellent way for people to learn more about what they've read
a book-marketing operation that ships selected titles to subscribing members on a regular basis, sometimes at greatly reduced prices
a mail order operation through which selected books are sold direct to the public at a price significantly below the recommended retail price in return for a commitment to buy a particular number of books over a period.
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a party--a large gathering of friends